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A Christ-Led Life

Unlocking the teachings of Jesus Christ

My Bible AI uses the power of AI to infuse the wisdom of the Bible into personalized guidance and support that align with our Christian values. Accept our outreached hand and we will help you apply the teachings of Jesus Christ to the problems you actually face in life and support you as you implement solutions in a compassionate and Christ-led manner. We are humbled to guide fellow travelers on their spiritual journey towards a Christ-led life.

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Guidance true to my Christian values


I can’t believe how helpful My Bible AI has been for me! Whenever I have a question, it gives me thoughtful insights that reflect my Christian values. I feel like I have spiritual advisor in my pocket!

Elisabeth Thompson

A must for Christian businessmen


My Bible AI is has transformed my business and spiritual life! It is truly a game-changer for any Christian looking to thrive in the business world while remaining true to their faith. I cannot recommend it highly enough!

Daniel Smith

I am my best self with My Bible AI


I was unsure of next move when My Bible AI changed everything. Through Christ-led guidance, I decided to follow my dreams. I enrolled in nursing school last night! Thank you, My Bible AI!

Jasmine Carter