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A-z Easter Words

Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is typically marked by the consumption of Easter eggs, Easter baskets, and Easter lamb.

Many people spend time with family and friends enjoying these goodies, engaging in festivities such as egg hunts and spring festival activities. Some even dress up in costumes or as Jesus himself.

The term Easter is of Germanic origin, and it is associated with the Proto-Germanic word *ǣsta- (also *aistu-), a conflated form of the Proto-Indo-European roots *h2ousto- (also *h2osto-) or *haustu- (also *haistu-) and possibly *rait-, whereby English hunt comes from a Germanic root.

The term Paschal is from the Latin word paschalis, which means “of Passover”. Passover is a Jewish festival that commemorates the passing over of the firstborn children of Israel in connection with the death of the firstborn Egyptians during God’s greatest plague on Egypt.

There are many words associated with Easter that you may hear or use.

Easter Bunny

a-z easter words

The term Easter Bunny refers to the mythical creature that supposedly brings eggs and candy to children during Easter.

He is said to hide the eggs and chocolate within the grass or bushes where children can find them. Some believe he hides the eggs and chocolate in his burrow before hiding himself outside, then when the children find him he jumps out and surprises them.

The Easter Bunny is most likely linked to the ancient pagan tradition of hare idols. During this time, hares were symbols of fertility and rebirth due to their reproductive habits.

By having a spiritual icon of a hare, people could celebrate Spring and new life without necessarily having to worship a specific god or deity.

Hares were also thought to be celestial creatures, moving across the grassy fields bringing new life with them. This may be where the concept of hiding Easter eggs came from- a symbolic representation of spring coming into effect.

Chocolate Easter bunnies

Chocolate Easter bunnies are a must-have for many Easter enthusiasts. Hunting for the perfect chocolate bunny can be fun, but also stressful.

Many stores sell chocolate bunnies early, before Easter. These are often called winter chocolate bunnies or spring seasonal items. If you find one of these bunnies and enjoy it, you can save the box to use as an Easter basket next year!

There are several places that produce chocolate bunnies. Some of the most popular ones are Switzerland, China, and Poland. The cost varies depending on the quality of the bunny.

If you receive too many chocolate bunnys, make sure to share with your loved ones! You can also keep some for later or give them away to friends and family who did not receive any this year.

Hot air balloons

a-z easter words

Easter is a time when most people focus on the Easter bunny and eggs. There are also some Easter words that can be tricky.

Egg is one of the easiest Easter words to learn. It is also one of the most common Easter items! You can find chocolate eggs in the stores now, and they are a great way to start learning how to use the word egg.

You can learn how to say brown egg, carton egg, plastic egg, golden egg, and many other types of eggs. The color or material makes it different.

However, you have to be careful- if someone asked you for a green egg, you would not know what they were asking for! You would have to explain that green is not a type of egg.

The other tricky Easter word is lamb. If someone asks you for a lamb, they are probably looking for a baby goat! Just make sure it isn’t a llama- those look similar sometimes.

Rabbit holes

a-z easter words

A rabbit hole is a hyperlink that leads you to a different page or area of the internet. Most commonly, they lead you to another website or page where you have to click another link to get back to the original site.

These can be fun to explore, but sometimes they can take you too far away from the original site. If you do find a cute bunny along the way, make sure it’s not one of the Demon Bunnies from The Matrix!

Rabbit holes can also refer to passionate interests that lead you down an endless path of information and exploration. If you find yourself spending hours reading about one topic after another, you might have stumbled into a rabbit hole.

But maybe exploring these interests is what makes life worth living, so maybe it’s a good thing? Well, as long as you remember to get back up at some point, I guess it’s fine.


a-z easter words

Egg is a term for a singular, spherical egg-laying source. Most eggs come from chickens, but there are many other species that lay eggs!

There are two main parts to an egg: the shell and the egg. The shell is the hardened layer that protects the egg. The egg itself is the liquid contained within the shell.

Eggs have been used as a symbol since ancient times. They represent rebirth, new life, and resurrection. This is most obviously seen during Easter when Jesus was said to have risen again.

Eggs are frequently dyed and given out as decorations during Easter. Some people enjoy eating them, but they are not necessarily edible due to the dye.

Bunny tails

a-z easter words

Easter bunnies are named after the pagan god, Ostara. The mythology of Ostara says that she was a goddess of spring and fertility.

She would welcome the new season with flowers and eggs, which eventually became the tradition of coloring eggs and selling them at grocery stores during the month of March.

The connection between the two is what brings about the term “Easter bunny”, as he delivers Easter eggs to your home. Most people do not know this information and just assume that “Easter bunny” is his name.

At Easter, many people also hunt for chocolate bunnies as a way to honor the Easter bunny. Giving gifts at Easter is another tradition that traces back to Ostara, as she gave flowers and eggs to people.

Grass stains from the kids running around with their baskets looking for eggs

a-z easter words

Easter is one of the most popular holidays to celebrate. Whether it is going to church and attending services, having a dinner with family or friends, or just having an egg hunt, there are many ways to enjoy the holiday.

There are some fun words that can be used for the Easter season that may not be common vocabulary. Some of these include easter, paschal, precipice, and resurrect.

Easter is a reference to the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Paschal refers to Passover, which is referenced in the Easter holiday.

Precipice refers to the period right before something big happens, like Christmas leading up to Santa coming down the chimney. Resurrect refers to Jesus coming back to life after he was killed on the cross.

These are fun words to use during Easter and can spark some conversation among your family and friends.

Holiday cards with bunnies on them

a-z easter words

Easter is the time of year when people like to give out Easter baskets filled with chocolate and toys. You can also give out baked goodies or salads in place of chocolate, for those who are watching their sugar intake or are vegan.

Many people receive cash gifts for Easter, which is why gift cards are a nice addition to an Easter basket. There are plenty of online stores where you can purchase gift cards, making it an easy way to pick one up.

If you want to give something more meaningful than just the standard Easter basket this year, try giving someone who is close to you their first apartment cleaning supplies or furniture for their new place. You can also donate the candy you collect to children in need- they will appreciate that!

Holiday themed words like “spring” are still being used in advertisements due to the cost of printing new materials.

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