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Easter What Is It All About

Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Following Jesus’s death by crucifixion, his followers saw him alive several days later. This was the start of his disciples spreading the gospel and his message of love, hope, and salvation.

The Easter holiday is celebrated annually in spring, typically in March or April. Depending on your religion, you may celebrate Easter Sunday or both Saturday and Sunday. For most people, Easter weekend is spent with family and friends eating delicious food and exchanging gifts.

The significance of Easter lies in the fact that it confirms Jesus’s resurrection. The story tells us that he was not present physically, but rather spiritually. His presence was felt when he descended to Earth to speak with his disciples after he had been buried.

However, some people believe that Easter is about more than just Jesus’s resurrection. Some believe it represents new life and new beginnings as well. These meanings tie in nicely with the concept of Jesus rising from the dead to bring about new life.


easter what is it all about

Christianity is the most popular religion in the world, with over 2 billion followers. It is a monotheistic faith, meaning it acknowledges one God.

Jesus Christ is the son of God, or God incarnate. He is believed to have lived a perfect life and died a mortal death, but then resurrected after three days. His death was said to have paid the price for humans’ sins, making it possible for them to be forgiven and go to heaven.

His disciples saw him post-death and said he went into heaven where he now sits at the right hand of God as the divine judge. His return will be the second coming, when he will judge all people at the end of time.

Christianity has many different denominations or sects that are split on various theological issues. These include Protestantism, Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, and several lesser known ones such as Nontrinitarianism.

Easter eggs

easter what is it all about

In terms of Easter, the holiday is most well-known for the abundance of Easter eggs that are hidden and found.

Eggs have long been a symbol of new life, and so painting and hiding colorful eggs is a fun way to celebrate the new life Jesus brought into the world through his death and resurrection.

As well as decorating plain white eggs with dyes and patterns, adding candy inside them is another way to celebrate new life. Having both an empty shell and something sweet inside represents the separation of death and life, with the egg being life.

Chickens and eggs

easter what is it all about

In the Middle Ages, people believed that a chicken laid eggs and hatched chicks. So, they thought that chickens were the ones that resurrected Jesus after he died.

This is why Easter is linked to colored eggs and chickens. People also gave each other painted hard-boiled eggs as a symbol of new life.

Today, people use Easter as an opportunity to spend time with family and friends and enjoy delicious food. Many people eat chocolate Easter bunnies and chicks or baskets filled with chocolate Easter eggs.

Some people dress up as rabbits or use the occasion to introduce their children to the holiday by dressing up as bunnies.

Bunny rabbits

easter what is it all about

While the Easter bunny is a key figure in the story of Jesus’s death and resurrection, rabbits have no significance in Bible lore.

Rabbits have been connected to Easter for over a century. The popular theory is that marketing executives of the era chose to link the symbol of the Easter bunny with rabbits, since they are common pets.

This campaign may have also added some symbolic colors to the mix: white for the color of fresh snow, which symbolizes new life; and red for passion or blood, which relates to Jesus’s death.

However, some scholars say that Semitic peoples had symbols similar to rabbits, so they may have been incorporated into early Easter celebrations.


easter what is it all about

Easter is the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection. It marks the end of Lent, which is a period of fasting and spiritual discipline. Lent lasts for six weeks, and includes giving up something you enjoy (like sugar or social media) or engaging in a spiritual discipline (like prayer or service).

The Easter season lasts for eight weeks, starting with Easter Sunday and ending with Pentecost Sunday. During this time, Christians remember Jesus’ death and resurrection by celebrating Easter, recalling his ascension to heaven.

Many Christians also use this time to reflect on their own personal journey with God, as well as to celebrate his gifts of new life, new love, new hope—all inspired by the death and resurrection of Jesus. Easter decorations include pastel colors like pink and yellow to symbolize new life.

Hearts are also a common decoration because of the theme of love that comes from Jesus’ death on the cross for us.




easter what is it all about

Easter is the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection. Resurrection is when someone comes back to life after death.

Jesus died on the cross for our sins, but he came back to life three days later. His followers saw him after he died, and they heard him speak.

He appeared to many of his followers over the next several years, proving that he was not a vision or an illusion, but truly alive again. Many people who knew him only knew him before his death and did not know of this evidence.

His death was a sacrifice; he died for our sins so we could be forgiven and go to heaven when we die. Celebrating his resurrection reminds us that he is alive and that we can be too if we believe in him.

He is the Son of God and God himself, but God allowed Jesus to become human so that we could understand how hard it is to forgive someone. By letting himself be crucified, he showed his love for us.


easter what is it all about

The most important thing about Easter is that it’s all about salvation. Easter is about Jesus dying for our sins and being resurrected, meaning he came back to life.

Jesus died for us on the cross so we could have everlasting life in heaven with him. This is called salvation. It is offered to us through his death and resurrection.

He was resurrected three days after his death, which is why Easter happens after Passover, which lasts eight days. Jesus was alive for those eight days before ascending into heaven where he now sits at the right hand of God as our judge.

His death was the price we had to pay to have everlasting life.

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