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How Did Jesus Rise From The Dead

Jesus Christ is arguably the most famous person in history. Many people know his name, some know basic facts about him, and a few even believe he was divine.

But few understand the significance of his life and what happened at the end of it. Few understand his resurrection, what it meant, and how it changed everything.

His death was not an ordinary death. It was a sacrifice made for the salvation of humanity. By giving up his spirit in exchange for our spirits, he broke the hold of death on us. By being resurrected into eternal life, he proved that his sacrifice succeeded.

Jesus was buried in a tomb

how did jesus rise from the dead

Following the Sunday of his resurrection, Jesus made his first appearance to his disciples in the same place he had often met them-at the temple.

Following this encounter, Jesus appeared to his disciples multiple times, even eating food with them to prove that he was truly resurrected. The disciples were very skeptical individuals, so this is strong evidence that they truly believed they had encountered Jesus after his death.

After the resurrection, Jesus instructed his followers to go forth and teach others about him and how he had risen from the dead. This is when the Christian Church began to form and spread rapidly throughout the surrounding areas.

Some theories as to how Jesus actually rose from the dead include: ghosts don’t eat food, ghosts don’t have conversations, and ghosts aren’t physically felt. Therefore, if it was a ghost of Jesus that appeared to them, it was not the real one.

Jesus’s body was gone when they opened the tomb

how did jesus rise from the dead

One of the most convincing arguments that Jesus did not rise from the dead is the fact that his body was not in the tomb when his followers opened it.

If Jesus had risen from the dead and left his tomb, his followers would have found his body still in the tomb. The fact that they did not find his body means that he either vanished or he never actually died.

His disciples believed he had risen from the dead despite this, which would not be possible if they had not actually seen him after his death. How could he have appeared to them if he hadn’t left the tomb?

There are several theories as to what happened to Jesus’s body after he died, but none of them can be proven. However, there are several facts surrounding what happened to his body after he died that can be researched.

Witnesses saw him after his death

how did jesus rise from the dead

A second reason Jesus’ resurrection is fact is because several witnesses saw him after his death.

Many people saw him, at different times and places. Some of these people were enemies of Jesus, and none of them were convinced he was alive until they themselves saw him.

For instance, two disciples on the road to Emmaus met a man who seemed familiar but was not recognized at first. It was only when he broke bread with them that they realized he was Jesus (Luke 24:13–30).

Later, he appeared to the remaining 11 apostles while they were together, and they recognized him then (John 20:19–29). He also ate fish with them and gave them the authority to teach and perform miracles (John 21:1–23).

His appearance to his followers was not a vision or a dream, but an actual encounter with him (Hebrews 10:1).

The resurrection confirms Christ’s identity

how did jesus rise from the dead

As mentioned before, one of the greatest claims Jesus made was that he was the Son of God. As the Son of God, he claimed that his role was to fulfill the will of God, which was to forgive our sins and bring us into a relationship with him and him with us.

However, in order for Jesus to prove that he was the Son of God, he had to prove that he could do what God could do. And what God can do is resurrection.

God can resurrect people because he is a god who does things ultimately. Because Jesus claimed to be the Son of God, if he did not resurrect then he would have proven that he was not who he said he was. This would have destroyed his entire mission!

The fact that Jesus resurrected proves that he is indeed the Son of God and therefore confirms his identity.

There were many witnesses of the resurrection

how did jesus rise from the dead

Jesus’ resurrection was witnessed by many people. Some of these witnesses were enemies of Jesus, including the Jewish leaders and Roman soldiers. Other witnesses were his disciples and followers.

Many of these witnesses were present when Jesus was crucified, including Mary Magdalene. She saw him buried in the tomb and went to see him the next morning but found the tomb empty.

In fact, several of his followers remained faithful until they died because they had personal experiences with Jesus that convinced them he was who he said he was.

The most convincing evidence for many believers is that 1,000s of people believed in Jesus after witnessing his miracles or hearing him preach, even though many of them died for their faith. They didn’t simply believe what they heard or saw; they chose to believe in him because something inside told them it was true.

God will bring us back to life

how did jesus rise from the dead

Many believe that God will bring us back to life in the future, in an eventual afterlife. This belief is based on the idea that this world is just one step in our journey and that this life is not all there is.

Some believe we will be reincarnated into a new body, possibly as a dog, cat, or other animal. Others believe we will enter a new world where we will have a new body and live in a perfect place with God.

However, these beliefs are not found in the Bible. In fact, the Bible tells us there is no reincarnation (Ezkiel 18:4; Genesis 2:7). And while there may be a new world coming, only those who accept Jesus as their Savior will be in that world (2 Peter 3:13).

The idea of an afterlife may comfort some people, but it can also lead people to put off making changes in their lives.

Christ’s resurrection proves his sacrifice for us

how did jesus rise from the dead

As mentioned before, Jesus’s crucifixion was the means by which he intended to pay for our sins. By him giving up his life, it proves how serious he was about saving us from our sins.

By him being buried in the ground, it shows us that he truly died as a human. By being resurrected three days later, it proves that his death was not in vain and that God accepted his sacrifice.

Many people believe that Jesus did not physically rise from the dead, but instead his spirit left his body and he appeared to others as a spirit. This is hard to prove or disprove, however.

Some believe that the resurrection was a mass hallucination or something similar. These theories are hard to disprove as well since there is no proof that it wasn’t mass hallucinations.

Science cannot explain the resurrection of Christ

how did jesus rise from the dead

Many have tried to explain the resurrection of Christ through scientific theories, but all have failed. Some have said that Jesus did not truly die, but just fainted.

This is impossible because Scripture says that he died and was buried. His death was confirmed by God, who said he would raise him on the third day.

Others have said that Jesus’ body was stolen and replaced with a new one. This also cannot be true because it denies the fact that he was buried.

The last theory is that Jesus did not actually rise from the dead, but rather his spirit returned to heaven while his body remained in the tomb. This theory has some truth to it, but only if you look at it from a spiritual perspective rather than a physical one.

Only God knows what truly happened, but we can know for sure that Jesus rose from the dead.

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