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How Did Queen Esther Die In The Bible

Queen Esther was a historical figure in the Old Testament. According to the Bible, she was the cousin of King Xerxes and Queen Vashti. She was born into royalty and eventually became the queen of Persia.

She is most well-known for saving the lives of her people by confronting King Xerxes and asking him to forgive his subjects. This is known as The Esther Episode or The Mordecai Plan.

Esther died at some point after she reigned as queen, but before Mordecai died. The exact date of her death is unknown, but it was sometime during the Persian era under King Xerxes. Some sources say she died around 398 BC, while others say it was around 317 BC.

There are no details about Queen Esther’s death, but this article will discuss some possibilities.

Queen Esther was murdered by enemy forces

how did queen esther die in the bible

Although Esther was instrumental in saving the Jewish people from destruction, she did not receive a happy ending. In fact, her ending was quite tragic.

After the events that took place during the feast of Mordechai, Haman’s rage knew no bounds. He planned to slaughter all of the Jews in Shushan and beyond, but Queen Esther intervened and stopped this from happening.

Unfortunately for her, she could not stop his death at the hands of Mordechai. This angered Xerxes so much that he had it out for the Jews once again. It was only through Queen Esther’s pleading that he relented and did not wipe them out.

After her time as queen ended, she went back to living in private with her husband Mordechai. Unfortunately for them, they were eventually murdered by enemy forces who wanted to take their property.

Queen Esther committed suicide

how did queen esther die in the bible

Queen Esther, also known as Hadassah, was the queen of Persia during the 5th century BC. She was a Jewish woman who married the king, Xerxes I.

Esther became queen when she married Xerxes. However, during this time, it was illegal for a Jewish man or woman to marry a non-Jewish person. So, how did she become queen?

Xerxes had to choose either to kill all the Jews in his kingdom or to marry a Jew. He chose the latter and chose Esther as his wife. Due to her faith in God and being such a kind and noble person, she was able to help save many lives by becoming queen.

Queen Esther is one of the most well-known women in the Bible due to her role in saving the Jews from Haman’s plan to kill them. After she became aware of this plot against her people, she went before the king without being summoned and asked him to listen to her (implied: so that he will stop this murderous plot).

Queen Esther was killed by King Ahasuerus

how did queen esther die in the bible

King Ahasuerus was the original name of Xerxes I, the king of Persia. He reigned from 486 BC until his death in 424 BC. During this time, he married and then later killed Queen Esther.

During Xerxes’ reign, there was a man named Haman. He was the prime minister and very powerful. At one point, he decided that all of the Jews in Persia should be killed.

Queen Esther was a Jewish woman who had a significant role in changing history and saving the lives of all of the Jews in Persia at that time. She visited King Xerxes every night and they talked about things that would happen the next day.

On the night before her visit, she told him about what had happened to her years ago and how she was now Jewish.

Queen Esther died after her reign

After serving as the queen for 13 years, Esther died. She reigned from about 400 BC until her death around 350 BC. During her reign, she is said to have instituted Jewish laws related to Purim.

Esther is mentioned in the Bible as being the second woman to hold this position. The first was Queen Vashti, who refused to attend a drunken party for her husband’s officials and was thus removed from her position.

Esther was also said to have instituted the Jewish custom of using water for ritual purification following menstruation. This practice is still observed today by Orthodox and Conservative Jews, although some use different means of obtaining water.

Some scholars believe that Esther may have lived during the time of Xerxes I, but this is uncertain. What we do know is that she reigned during the Persian period in history.

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