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How God Became Jesus

The concept of God becoming man is not a new one. It has been around for almost two millennia. While the word Jesus refers to the man that God became, God became Jesus through his son.

However, many have become confused as to how this happened. Many have come to believe that Jesus was just a prophet or great moral teacher, while others believe he was more than that.

This confusion mostly arises from people not knowing what the term Son of God means and how it relates to Jesus. By understanding this connection, you can understand how God became Jesus.

Son of God refers to a very specific term: messiah. Messiah comes from the Hebrew word mashiach which means “anointed one”. Anointed literally means oiled or consecrated and refers to someone taking on a role or task. The messiah is the one who is sent by God to take on the task of saving humanity.

The historical Jesus

A significant part of the God Jesus theory is that there was a historical Jesus that lived, walked the earth, and was crucified.

There have been numerous historians and scholars that have studied the historicity of Jesus and his existence. The biggest piece of evidence is the tomb he was supposedly placed in had his name on it, which would be unusual if he wasn’t real.

Other pieces of evidence include mentions of Pilate, Herod, and Jesus in Roman records as well as mentions of early Christians in those same records. There are also non-Christian sources that mention events related to Jesus such as the persecution of early Christians by the Romans.

Some scholars believe that while there may have been a historical Jesus, many elements of his life were embellished or made up by later authors. These include things like his occupation as a craftsman or his hometown being Nazareth when they were not at the time but later inventions.

God became man

how god became jesus

A major theological concept is that God became man in Jesus. This is also referred to as the doctrine of the incarnation. God manifested himself in the form of human flesh in Jesus.

This includes all of Jesus’ attributes, including his consciousness, his spirit, his mind, his personality, and even his physical body. All of these things came from God and were restored to God during the ascension.

Jesus was both fully God and fully man during his time on Earth. However, this was not something that he had control over. He was fully human but had no knowledge of his divinity until he went to the Temple at age twelve. At that point, he was told that he was the Son of God and had a vision of heaven where he learned about his mission.

He learned how to be divine through this vision, which confirmed that he was indeed fully god. After this point, he began to use his divine powers more intentionally.

The incarnation of Christ

how god became jesus

A major point of contention among scholars is how Jesus is both fully God and fully man. Many argue that this doctrine is not found in the Bible, but instead in later church traditions.

However, there are several passages that can be interpreted to suggest this belief. For one, Romans 9:5 says that Jesus was “in likeness” of human form.

Other passages describe him as having been born, having lived a human life, and having died (Hebrews 2:14-15; Mark 16:5). How could he have done all of this if he wasn’t human?

The New Testament also describes Jesus as being both God and man (John 1:1, 14; 1 Timothy 2:5). While some later church fathers argued that Jesus was totally human but not truly divine, these early writings clearly state that he is both.

Perhaps the most convincing evidence for the earthly existence of Jesus comes from the Jewish historian Josephus. In his work The Antiquities of the Jews, he writes about a Jewish leader named Jesus who lived in the first century and was put to death by the Roman government.

Why did God become man?

how god became jesus

God did not become man because he needed to. He did not become man because we deserved it. Rather, God became human in Jesus Christ because he loved us and wanted to establish a relationship with us.

Man had fallen into sin, so God sent his Son to pay the price for our sins by dying on the cross. This is called the atonement. By believing in Jesus as the Son of God and his death on the cross for our sins, we can have a relationship with God.

But why specifically did God choose to send his Son in the form of a Jewish man 2,000 years ago? Why then and there? What was so important about that time and place?

The answer lies in the Hebrew Bible – what Christians call the Old Testament – which was being read at the time. It foretold that a great savior would one day come, a Messiah who would deliver Israel (and all of humanity) from oppression and establish justice and peace.

The sin of Adam

how god became jesus

A major cornerstone of Jesus’s life mission was to atone for the original sin of Adam. In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve ate the fruit from the tree of knowledge, which God had forbidden them to eat.

This was a sin, as it was disobedience to God. Due to this sin, mankind would bear the consequences for all of eternity. These consequences included spiritual death (separation from God) and physical death.

Because Adam and Eve had eaten the fruit, they and all of their descendants would live in a fallen world full of suffering and death. All of humanity is bound up in this legacy due to our common ancestry with Adam and Eve.

Jesus came to earth to rescue us from this legacy by taking on our sins upon himself on the cross. By doing this, he restored our relationship with him so that we can be saved from eternal consequence – physical death being one of them.

The dual nature of Christ

how god became jesus

A key element of the Jesus story is that he is both human and God. He has both a human and divine nature. He is called the Son of God, meaning that he is God himself in human form.

This idea is sometimes difficult for non-believers to accept, because it seems to suggest that Jesus was not a truly real person but rather a figment of someone’s imagination. How could someone who was 100% god exist in reality? How could someone who was 100% human be god? Wouldn’t one negate the other?

As we discussed earlier, the early Christians were monotheists – they believed in only one God. So how did they come up with the notion of Jesus being both God and man? There are several theories, all of which are rooted in some historical fact.

One theory is that there was a Jewish cult in the 1st century AD who worshiped a man named Joshua. They believed that he would return at the end of time to defeat Satan and restore Israel; he would be both God and man.

Understanding the nature of Christ

how god became jesus

A major component of Christology is understanding the nature of Jesus. How God became Jesus is a big part of Christian faith.

Jesus was conceived in a unique way. While Mary was engaged to Joseph, she was pregnant with Jesus, and he was not Joseph’s son. The Angel Gabriel told Mary that she would conceive via the Holy Spirit.

This makes sense when you consider that Jesus called himself the Son of God. He also made reference to his coming into existence at a particular point in time, saying things like “I am [X]” or “I have come into the world.” These statements indicate that he has a divine nature, and that he has always existed in some form or another.

However, it is also possible that Jesus was referencing his birth as a human being. In this case, he may have been making reference to his conception, which occurred via the Holy Spirit.

How can I know if I am saved?

how god became jesus

You can know that you are saved by looking to see if your life reflects the value God places on us, love.

Love is the most important attribute of God, and therefore, is the most important attribute of humanity. We are called to a life of love, as Jesus taught us in the New Testament.

In 1 John 4:8, it says that “the one who does not love does not know God, because God is love.” This is a powerful statement – if you do not love then you do not know God!

Therefore, if you truly know and understand God then you must have a deep love for Him and His people. If there is no love in your heart for God or His people then there is a problem – you do not know God!

Look at your life and ask yourself: Do I love myself? Do I love my fellow man? Then ask yourself: Have I been involved in activities that hurt other people? If the answer to both questions is no, then you can be confident that you are saved.

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