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How Is Jesus Portrayed In The Gospel Of Matthew

The Gospel of Matthew is the first book in the New Testament. It was likely written early in the first century, around 80–100 A.D., although some scholars suggest an earlier date.

Named after the tax collector who wrote it, Matthew is believed to have gathered stories about Jesus from eyewitnesses. These stories were then organized into a narrative with four chapters focusing on each of the four Gospels:

Chapters 1–2 focus on Jesus’s birth and infancy; Chapters 3–8 deal with his public ministry; Chapters 9–10 cover his death and resurrection; and Chapter 11 deals with his post-Resurrection appearances.

The Gospel of Matthew emphasizes several aspects of Jesus’s life, but perhaps none more than his teachings (also referred to as his “gospel”). Many scholars also believe that this gospel is directed toward Jewish people, particularly those who did not believe in Jesus as the Messiah. As such, it may contain some extra emphasis on things like Old Testament prophecy or Jesus as the Jewish messiah.

The birth of Jesus

how is jesus portrayed in the gospel of matthew

The Gospel of Matthew starts with the genealogy or lineage of Jesus. This is to emphasize the importance of Jesus’s role as the Messiah.

Matthew also emphasizes Jesus’s birth in Bethlehem as fulfillment of prophecy. The Old Testament predicted that the Messiah would be born in Bethlehem (Micah 5:2). This was important to Matthew because he was a Jew and believed that only a Jewish king could be the Messiah.

The other gospels also describe Jesus’s birth, but they do it in a different order. For example, Mark begins with John the Baptist and his baptism of Jesus, which makes for a different start to the story.

The stories of Jesus’s birth are described quite differently as well. For example, Mary is described as being pregnant before her marriage to Joseph in Matthew, but not in Luke (and most likely not in reality).

The baptism of Jesus

how is jesus portrayed in the gospel of matthew

The opening chapter of the Gospel of Matthew refers to the special birth of Jesus as “the beginning.” Jesus is called the Messiah, which means “anointed one.”

This title refers to the ancient Hebrew idea that God would send a special person to lead his people. This person would be God himself in human form, so he would have divine authority.

The Old Testament describes many occasions when God anointed someone for a special task. For example, when David was king of Israel, he was called God’s anointed one.

In the New Testament, Jesus is the ultimate Anointed One, sent by God to lead humanity into a new era. His baptism marks the beginning of his public ministry. As with many Jewish practices at the time, this baptism took place in water-although it does not specify whether it was freshwater or saltwater.

The temptations of Jesus

how is jesus portrayed in the gospel of matthew

Jesus is also portrayed in the Gospel of Matthew as being tempted by Satan during his fast in the desert. During this fast, Jesus resisted the temptation to eat food, which was a major part of his life mission.

He instead focused on listening to God and developing his relationship with him. This is what enabled him to be filled with the Holy Spirit at his baptism.

The New Testament doesn’t go into much detail about what sort of temptations Jesus faced during his forty day retreat, but the Gospel of Matthew mentions that he was tempted to turn stones into bread, to prove that he was worthy of worship, and to “fall down and worship him”—that is, to act in an idolatrous manner similar to the ancient Canaanites (Matthew 4:1–10).

These temptations have a clear link to fasting: hunger can provoke thoughts of eating something sweet or otherwise pleasing to the palate, thus “worshiping” taste. Turning stones into bread would solve this problem—but only at the cost of disobeying God by taking it off of his hands.

Understanding the Gospel of Matthew requires understanding its context

how is jesus portrayed in the gospel of matthew

The Gospel of Matthew was written in the first century AD, approximately fifty years after the death of Jesus. It is one of the four canonical gospels accepted by Christians as the true accounts of Jesus’ life, ministry, Passion, death, and resurrection.

Canon refers to an authoritative collection of writings. The Bible is a canon of writings that encompass both Old and New Testaments. Of all the books in the Bible, only a few are considered canonical—that is, officially recognized and accepted.

The four gospels that are universally recognized were all written by Christians living in the eastern Mediterranean region during the middle to late 1st century AD. The authors’ identities are unknown, but it is thought that they were all Jewish men who knew Jesus personally. Their names were Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John; thus these four gospels are named after them.

Who wrote the gospel?

how is jesus portrayed in the gospel of matthew

The Gospel of Matthew is believed to have been written by the apostle Matthew, who was one of the twelve original disciples of Jesus. While there is some controversy over this, as it was not widely accepted in early church history, the majority of scholars and historians believe that Matthew wrote the first gospel account.

This is due to several pieces of evidence. For one, early church fathers Irenaeus and Tertullian both affirmed that Matthew wrote the first gospel. Irenaeus even went into detail about how he knew this to be true.

Another piece of evidence comes from a study of the Greek language used in the Gospel of Matthew and that used by other early Christian authors. The style of language used in the Gospel of Matthew matches that used by others who were close to or familiar with apostles such as Peter and James, who are mentioned frequently in this gospel.

Finally, there is internal evidence from the text itself. The author uses lots of examples from Jewish law and uses many Old Testament quotations when making his points-something that would fit with someone like Apostle Peter or Apostle James, both of whom were very familiar with Jewish law and scripture.

Why is the version we have good?

how is jesus portrayed in the gospel of matthew

The Gospel of Matthew is believed to have been written around 80-100 AD, making it one of the earliest canonical (accepted) gospels. It is also believed that the author of Matthew’s gospel was also a man named Matthew, who may have been one of the twelve apostles.

Because it was written so early, scholars believe that it may have been based on oral traditions about Jesus that had been passed down for some time before being put into writing. Some even think that it may have been written in Greek instead of Hebrew or Aramaic, making it even more original.

The Gospel of Mark is thought to have been written slightly later, around 70-100 AD. Although most scholars believe that it was written by Mark, an associate of Peter whose identity is revealed in the text, some do not. Regardless, due to its late date of composition, it relies more heavily on the earlier Gospel of Matthew and other sources for information about Jesus.

The Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles are both believed to have been written by a man named Luke sometime between 80 and 100 AD. Like Matthew, some scholars believe that Luke was associated with Paul and Barnabas as a physician who accompanied them on their missions (Acts 27:2).

What does it mean to be disciples?

how is jesus portrayed in the gospel of matthew

In Matthew, Jesus calls his followers to be his disciples. A disciple is someone who follows someone or something.

In the case of the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus calls his followers to follow him and his teachings. You can think of it as following a diet plan: If you follow the guidelines for the diet, you will get some benefit from it.

However, if you don’t follow Jesus, you will not get any benefit from it. This is a crucial part of the concept of being a disciple.

As a follower of Jesus, you must believe in him and accept that he is the Son of God and that he died for our sins so we could be saved. Only then will you receive salvation from God through him.

What were the key themes of Matthew?

how is jesus portrayed in the gospel of matthew

In general, the Gospel of Matthew emphasizes Jesus as the promised Messiah, the Son of God, and his unique mission to save humanity.

He also emphasizes Jesus as a teacher of moral and religious principles. Many of these teachings came from the Hebrew Scriptures (or Old Testament), which Jesus quoted and applied to his mission.

Furthermore, Matthew emphasizes that salvation is gained through faith in Jesus as the Son of God and in his life, death, and resurrection. This is a key difference between Christianity and other religions or beliefs.

He also elaborates on some stories in the gospel narrative, such as why Judas betrayed Jesus and who bought him with money (it was not the Jewish leaders). He also adds details about John the Baptist baptizing Jesus before his ministry begins.

Overall, this book provides deep insight into who Jesus was and what he did during his ministry.

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