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How Many Endings Are In The Stanley Parable

The Stanley Parable is a critically-acclaimed game that was released in 2013 and was developed by Galactic Cafe. The game has two main endings, one bad ending, and one really bad ending.

There are many references to other games within The Stanley Parable, as well as outside references. These add to the humor and significance of the choices you make in the game.

The most important choice you make in The Stanley Parable is whether or not to follow the narrator’s instructions. If you decide to ignore him, he will get very frustrated with you and tell you that you have failed him. He will then try to convince you to follow his instructions before eventually giving up and bringing you to the next room.

At the end of the game, there is a short hallway with a door at the end of it. If you have walked through enough doors before this one, then this door will be the final one, and it will take you to the credits sequence.

Go back and talk to Alice

how many endings are in the stanley parable

At the end of the game, after you have completed the final challenge and returned to where you started, you can return to Alice.

At this point, Alice has disappeared and left a note for you. You can choose to read the note or not, but regardless, she will no longer be present in the game.

Whether or not you read her note, the game ends at this point. However, if you choose to read the note, then there is one more ending that you will receive.

This ending is a happy ending and rewards you for all of your hard work throughout the game by acknowledging all of the things that you did. It reminds you that even though things seemed weird or out of place, you were still able to complete everything and do everything right.

Go back and talk to Hewitt

how many endings are in the stanley parable

At the end of the Stanley Parable game, you can choose to leave the office and not go through with opening the door. If you do so, Hewitt comes in and talks to you, telling you that it’s okay to go back and explore.

This is an Easter egg of sorts- it’s a joke or humorous surprise embedded in the game.

It suggests that there may have been a time when you could have actually left the office and explored, but not in this version of the game. This adds a bit of depth to the joke- perhaps in other versions of The Stanley Parable, players could actually leave and return to wandering the halls.

This goes back to the idea that there are many endings in The Stanley Parable- perhaps this was one of them.

Push the red button

In the Stanley Parable, there are six endings you can reach. There are two neutral endings, two bad endings, and two good endings.

The two neutral endings are when you leave the office door open and when you close the door. Either of these endings can be achieved by accident, making them very hard to avoid.

The two bad endings are when you kill yourself and when you kill Stanley. Killing yourself results in a message that “Stanley died” while killing Stanley results in a message that “Stanley lived”.

The two good ending are leaving through the front door or finding the elevator key in your pocket and going down to the first floor. The first one is considered a happy ending while the second one is considered a sad one.

Open the door to Room A12

how many endings are in the stanley parable

This is the first ending you will encounter in the game. You will find this door to Room A12 right next to the elevator. When you enter the room, you will find a desk and a book on it.

If you choose to open the book, then you will be given a choice to choose between two pages. Once you make your choice, the door behind you will open, and you’ll be directed back to the elevator.

However, if you choose not to open the book or choose not to choose between the two pages, then nothing will happen. You will simply be directed back to the elevator and nothing else will occur.

The significance of this ending is that it proves that there is more than one possible reality within Stanley Parable! There is more than one possible outcome for every choice that is made.

Open the door to Room B12

how many endings are in the stanley parable

This is the first room you encounter in the game. As you enter the room, you notice there is a door to your right and a large computer on the left. The computer has a single chair in front of it.

When you approach the door to exit the room, the game tells you to open the door to Room B12. You have no choice but to do so, and when you do, you find nothing but an empty hallway.

By going into this room, you trigger another joke from the game. It reminds you that in games like these, there are often multiple floors and rooms with no point or reason.

The game also tells you that it was just trying to be helpful by telling you how to get to Room B12, but it was not able to due to construction on the floor.

Talk to Alice about the Red Button

how many endings are in the stanley parable

In The Stanley Parable, there are two endings. However, one of them is hidden and very difficult to get to. Most people will only experience one of the two endings, and that’s totally okay!

To get to the second ending, you have to find a password at the end of the game. This password is “redbutton”, referencing Alice from American McGee’s Alice. When you enter this password at the end, the game recognizes it and takes you to a new level.

The second ending is very meta and self-referential. It reminds us that we are just playing a game and that there might be more than one ending.

Push the Red Button

how many endings are in the stanley parable

In The Stanley Parable, there are two main endings to the game. The first is called the joke ending and the second is called the serious ending.

The joke ending is achieved by following all of the red arrows. When you reach the end of the story, you push a red button that says “Don’t press me”. By pressing it, you achieve the joke ending and see a short cutscene of The Narrator running away from something and then jumping off of a building, presumably to his death.

The serious ending is achieved by not following any of the red arrows. You must deliberately avoid any possible way to accidentally press the red button at the end of the story. When you reach the end of the story, you push a non-existent button and thus achieve the serious ending to The Stanley Parable.

Go back and talk to Hewitt about the Red Button

how many endings are in the stanley parable

In the Stanley Parable, there are two possible endings. You can either choose to kill Stanley or leave him alone.

In one of the iterations of the game, players tried to convince Hewitt to push the red button. However, he was unable to do so, as he had already made up his mind.

He was so convinced that players would try and convince him again that he programmed a second ending – killing Stanley. This was not revealed until after the game had been played for several hours, though!

This is an interesting twist that goes against most games – where you are rewarded for killing off characters or completing tasks early on in the game. The Stanley Parable takes a more psychological approach by making you think you have won when you have not.

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