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How To Beat The Stanley Parable In 4 Minutes

The Stanley Parable is a very weird, very funny first-person game. You play as Stanley, and you walk through the same rooms every time, following the same narrator who tells you what to do.

But because of the way the game is designed, you can actually break it pretty easily. You can beat the game in under a minute, and you can avoid any kind of choice or narration at all.

The developers put in several Easter eggs that hint at how to beat the game early on, and one very sneaky one near the end that makes the ending incredibly short. If you are looking to beat this game quickly, these are some hints you should take note of!

On this page, we will go into detail about how to beat The Stanley Parable in just over four minutes.

Get the battery

how to beat the stanley parable in 4 minutes

In order to beat the Stanley Parable, you need to get the battery that is in the hallway right outside of the room with the desk.

Once you have the battery, you need to put it in the empty space on the desk. This will cause the game to start and end, winning you the game.

There are several ways to get rid of the battery, but most take too long and would not allow you to actually win quickly. Dropping it on the floor or putting it in your inventory will not work, for example.

The best way to get rid of it is to throw it in the trash can across from the door.

Give the battery to the robot

how to beat the stanley parable in 4 minutes

In this game, there is a robot that needs a battery to function. You can find the battery in the office room, next to the desk with the computer on it.

Once you pick up the battery, you can’t drop it or put it down somewhere. The only way to rid yourself of it is to give it to the robot.

The tricky part is finding where the robot is. In this game, there are several rooms that have very similar layouts. It is easy to get confused and think you are in the same room when you are actually in a different one!

The best way to beat this game is to keep track of where all of the rooms are and how they look so that you do not get lost and end up giving the battery to the wrong robot.

Give the letter to the lady

This is the hardest part of the Stanley Parable challenge. You have to give the letter to the lady at the end of the game.

At this point, you no longer have control over what happens. The game just continues and shows that she reads the letter and then leaves, implying that she knows that everything was a joke and that she was not really in a relationship with you.

Some players have tried to just run away at this point, but it does not seem to work. You have to give her the letter or else you will just continue walking around and then end up back at her desk.

Many people struggled with this part and had to re-do it many times until they could get rid of the letter.

Go back to the room with the switch

how to beat the stanley parable in 4 minutes

This one might seem a little weird, but it makes complete sense in the game. In the Stanley Parable, nothing is as it seems.

Everything can change at any moment, and you can never truly trust the game. One second you might be able to leave the office, the next you cannot.

You can actually re-enter the room with the switch very early in the game and press it, but nothing happens. You are then told that you cannot leave until you realize something – and then you are not allowed to leave!

The only way to beat this stage of the game is to go back and re-enter the room with the switch, and refuse to press it. By doing this, you prove to yourself that you have control over your own actions, which is what needs to happen for you to be able to exit the office.

Hit the switch and leave immediately

how to beat the stanley parable in 4 minutes

This is a pretty cool way to beat the level. In the original version of the game, you had to walk away from the door and let the narrator talk until he would mention that you can leave. Then, you had to go back and hit the switch again to actually leave.

In this version, you can just hit the switch and immediately walk away. The narrator will mention that you can leave, and then you can just walk out without having to wait for him to stop talking.

He will even acknowledge that you left quickly, which is kind of funny. It is a funny way to beat the level, but it is also very quick. You get rid of Stanley pretty quickly, which probably makes him happy.

Do not press any buttons

how to beat the stanley parable in 4 minutes

This is the biggest tip for people who are looking to beat the Stanley Parable. You must not press any buttons or keys while you are in the portal.

While in the portal, you will be in a black screen with white text that says what you are supposed to do. You must trust this and take action according to what it says.

Your only action should be to stand still, as the game tells you to do so. If you try to move, run, or escape, you will not succeed and will have to start over.

The game is very clever when it comes to making you think that there is a way out when there really isn’t. It will try to convince you to press buttons or jump around, but don’t fall for it! Stand still and take action according to what the game tells you and you will beat it in 4 minutes.

Follow the narrator closely

how to beat the stanley parable in 4 minutes

The Stanley Parable is a very weird game. You spend most of your time following a narrator and doing what he says.

He tells you what to do and where to go, so if you listen closely, you’ll always end up where he wants you to be.

He also tells you that there are no correct paths, but that’s a lie. There’s only one path he wants you to take, and if you listen closely, you’ll find it.

In fact, there’s only one way the game can end, and he tells you how to get there. He just doesn’t tell you that it ends in death… until the last possible second. But if you pay close attention to him, then maybe—just maybe—you can beat him.

Do what they say right away

how to beat the stanley parable in 4 minutes

In the Stanley Parable game, every character tells you what to do. If a character tells you to do something, then do it!

Whether it’s to take a left turn, push a button, or walk into the light, if they say so, then do it. Even if you think it’s weird or silly, just go for it!

This is because in the game, characters can’t see past what they’re told to do. They can only follow orders given to them by the narrator.

If you disobey them, then they won’t realize and nothing will happen. You will end up back in the same place where you were told to go.

Try it out for yourself and see! This will help you beat the game faster.

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