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How To Bible Study Alone

Bible study is an important part of Christian faith and community. Many individuals and groups rely on individuals to learn how to study the Bible on their own. You can create your own Bible study group by learning how to study on your own!

There are many ways to learn how to study the Bible alone. Some people may feel more comfortable using a physical Bible while others prefer a digital version or book format. Some people like to use one resource while others like to use a variety of resources. It is totally up to you which ones you use!

Some of the best resources for individual study are: online bible studies, printed commentaries, YouTube videos, and books. These can be explored for individual study either separately or together.

This article will go into more detail about individual bible study and what things you can focus on to improve your personal studying.

Find a book on Bible study

how to bible study alone

As mentioned before, there are many great books on how to study the Bible. Some of the best ones include The Jesus Way by Andrew Davis, Knowing the Bible by Kay Huey, and Exploring God’s Word by John Ritenburgh. All of these authors have different approaches, so find one that appeals to you and/or that you feel confident in using.

There are many great resources online for learning how to study the Bible as well. Sites like and Gospel-Centered-Learning offer workshops, lessons, and guides on how to study the Bible.

If you are more of a layman, then just learn some basic theology and interpretation skills. This can be learned from some online resources as well.

Whatever level you are at, learn some basics so that you do not misinterpret what you read in your studies.

Buy some pens or markers for notes

how to bible study alone

While some Bible studies require you to have your own book, most do not. Most groups purchase a study guide or use free online resources to study the Bible.

Some churches offer a study group that meets once a week where they go over the material for the week. Others have weekly or monthly readings that you can prepare for on your own.

If you are already attending church services, then you are already in a group setting. Try asking someone for help or joining them for a weekly meeting to help get more out of it.

By having your own set of notes, or buying some cheap ones, you will be helping yourself by not wasting money on something you will not use again. You can also choose what color pens or markers to use, so that it is more personal to you.

Find a place to sit or lie down

how to bible study alone

While you read, think about what you’re reading. What applies to you? What doesn’t? What questions do you have?

As you reread passages, try to understand the meaning, not just the words. How did the author express this truth? How did they illustrate it?

As you reread passages, try to understand the meaning, not just the words. How did the author express this truth? How did they illustrate it?

As you reread passages, try to understand the meaning, not just the words.

Prepare yourself mentally

how to bible study alone

Before you begin your study, make sure you’re ready to read, reflect, and relate what you read to your life. As you study the Bible, you will find passages that relate to topics you are struggling with in your life.

It can be difficult to understand the Bible on your own, but studying with others can also be challenging. There are resources available for individuals who want to study the Bible alone or with other people that don’t know how to study the Bible.

There are many websites and books that give detailed information on how to study the Bible. These sources can help anyone—whether they are a novice or expert—study the holy book.

The following are some tips for studying the Bible on your own by seeking out some inspiration and information from other sources.

Prepare your space physically

how to bible study alone

Having a set space to study in is important. You will be spending a good amount of time in this space, so it should be relaxing and motivating.

Make sure your space is organized and has everything you need to study the Bible. This can include a computer or phone, Bible software or app, journal or notebook, and anything else that helps you understand the Bible.

Having these things organized and at your fingertips will help you move through the study quickly and efficiently. If you have to get up and look for something, then you are probably not prepared.

Having a set place to sit also helps with creating a sense of mental comfort. Being physically comfortable can help you focus on the spiritual concepts in the Bible study.

Ask questions

how to bible study alone

While reading a passage, you should always ask yourself questions about what you’re reading. What does this mean? How does this apply to my life?

These questions can be related to the main point of the passage, how it applies to your life, and how it connects to other passages.

There are many different types of questions you can ask while studying the Bible. Some include: literary questions, character questions, historical questions, and spiritual truth questions.

Literary questions ask about the structure of the passage—how it’s written. Character questions ask about the people or characters mentioned in the passage and what they did or said. Historical questions ask about when and where something happened or is mentioned. Spiritual truth questions ask about a universal truth that can be gleaned from the passage.

Any time you feel like you are not getting something from the passage, try asking yourself some more personal or specific questions.

Jot down your thoughts

how to bible study alone

As you read, you will have thoughts about what you are reading. These may be things that moved you, challenged you, or connected with you.

You may find yourself making mental notes about things you would like to research later. These are wonderful things to have happen while reading the Bible!

It is a good idea to write these down so that later, when you are studying the Bible alone, you can go back and look at all of these notes you took while reading.

Some people feel very connected when they read the Bible and hear God speaking to them. Others feel like they need to write down their thoughts in order to process what they are reading. Both of these can be helpful for future Bible study sessions.

Revisit previous chapters

how to bible study alone

Once you feel you have studied the chapter enough, revisit a previous chapter to study it again. This time, focus on highlighting or taking notes on new concepts or ideas you learned.

You can also study a chapter from a previous week, as each week’s Bible study focuses on a different verse or set of verses. This will help you keep track of concepts and ideas as well!

Some people like to do this every few weeks, while others do it every week. It is up to you how often you would like to study the Bible again, but doing so helps keep your studies fresh and your memory strong.

Some people prefer to go back and study past chapters because it can be nice to remember what happened in earlier chapters, but for others it is because they need help grasping some concepts that are repeated.

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