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Lessons From The Parable Of Two Sons

The Parable of the Two Sons is one of the most well-known parables told by Jesus. It is a parable about God’s love for us and how we should return that love.

It is a parable about how we should treat others, particularly those who have not treated us well. It is a parable about coming home to God after wandering.

As with all parables told by Jesus, there are many levels on which this parable can be understood. As you delve into this article, you will find out more about these levels of understanding.

You will also learn lessons that you can take from this parable and apply to your life. These lessons come from both the explicit teachings of this parable and your own insights into it.

Go and work for your reward

lessons from the parable of two sons

Jesus tells a parable about a father who asks his two sons to go and work in his field. The first son says he will go, but then doesn’t.

The second son says he won’t, but then does. In the end, the second son earns the reward: an inheritance of the father’s field.

This parable is about how we are saved by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ, not by our good works. However, this parable also points out that there is a reward for those who do good works.

In this parable, the “going” and “not going” refer to whether we respond to God’s call to serve him in this life (i.e., by being obedient to his commands). The first son represents those who don’t obey God and don’t go out into the field to work. The second son represents those who do obey God and do go out into the field to work.

Faith without works is dead

lessons from the parable of two sons

A parable is a story that illustrates a moral lesson. Jesus often used parables to teach us about God and his nature, to point us to his son, and to teach us how to live.

One of the most famous parables is that of the Prodigal Son. In this parable, God is portrayed as the father, who loves both of his sons but gives his inheritance to only one of them.

The son who receives the inheritance represents all of us—we are all given opportunities and gifts from God. But if we don’t use them, then we won’t receive any more from him.

The other son represents us if we do not have faith in God—we work hard but do not believe in him, so when we die, that is all he will give us: nothing! Only by having faith will we receive more from him.

Give rest to your eyes and hunger for His salvation

lessons from the parable of two sons

In the parable of the two sons, the first son works hard in his father’s business for a long time, but doesn’t receive an inheritance.

This could be a metaphor for our lives. If we spend our entire lives working in someone else’s business (the world and its pleasures) instead of building up our spiritual inheritance in Christ, we will not receive salvation or eternal life.

We must be aware that there is a cost to following Jesus and being spiritually minded. There is a cost to giving up what this world has to offer us, whether that be money, prestige, or comfort. Only those who truly hunger for God and His salvation will give up everything to follow Him.

Take up your cross and follow Him

lessons from the parable of two sons

Jesus tells a parable about a father with two sons in Luke 15. The first son asks the father for his portion of the family inheritance while the father is still living.

In this parable, the “inheritance” is God’s kingdom, and God is represented by the father. When we believe in Jesus, he gives us eternal life with him.

By asking for his inheritance now, the son demonstrates that he doesn’t understand what true wealth is or how long God has planned for him to have it. He wants it now, so he asks for it.

The second son does not ask his father for his inheritance until after his death. This son understands that only then will he receive what is rightfully his.

Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul

lessons from the parable of two sons

In the Parable of the Two Sons, Jesus tells a story about a father with two sons. The father represents God and the two sons represent humans.

In this parable, the first son represents those who believe in God but don’t live according to his commands. The second son represents those who live according to God’s commands, but don’t believe in him.

The first son doesn’t believe in God and doesn’t follow his commands, but he still loves his father and does nice things for him. The second son believes in God and obeys him, but he doesn’t love him. He is cold and indifferent toward him.

At the end of the parable, both sons return to their father, asking for something from his estate. The first son asks for the inheritance that he was entitled to as a child, but the father tells him that he is not worthy of it. Only the second son is worthy because he obeyed his father and did what was right.

Fear the Lord and honor His name

lessons from the parable of two sons

The first lesson we see in this parable is that we should fear the Lord and honor His name.

We should have a deep respect for who God is and what He says. We should respect His commands and obey Him because we love Him, not out of fear.

But sometimes, in order to really obey God, we have to face our fears.

If we truly believe that God is who He says He is — the true and living God — then how can we not have some level of fear for Him? How can we not be affected by the fact that He is glorious and awesome?

We shouldn’t fear God in a way that makes us afraid to come to Him or obey Him, but if there is any lack of fear, then there might be some lack of true faith.

Remember what He has done for you

lessons from the parable of two sons

In the parable, the father represents God and the two sons represent humans. The younger son represents all of us who have done things that are not in accordance to God’s will, but have repented.

We are all sinners, but God loves us. He has provided a way for us to be forgiven through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Through faith in Him, He has forgiven us for our wrongdoings and made us His children. We must remember this as we go through life and temptation comes our way.

The older son represents those who have not repented and have no faith in God or Jesus as their Savior. In the parable, he did not even bother to ask his father for anything when he came home after being away for many years. This indicates that he does not desire what God has to offer him.

Obey His word and serve Him faithfully

lessons from the parable of two sons

In the parable, the younger son says, “I will … come and possess the inheritance.” In other words, he says he will accept his father’s will and what his father has given him.

He will come to you, God says through this parable, and acknowledge that you are Lord of my life. I will serve You with all my heart.

But then he doesn’t! He wastes his inheritance on drinking and partying with friends and then he runs out of money. He decides to go work in a foreign country for a while to make some money so he can live comfortably again. But after a while, he gets tired of it and decides to return to his father’s house.

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