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What Can I Say About Easter

Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is considered to be the most important event in Christianity, and it is widely celebrated across the world.

While it is clear that Jesus died for our sins, it is not so clear how he was resurrected. Many believe that his spirit rose to heaven, but some believe he actually rose physically from the dead.

Regardless of what you believe about that particular detail, Easter celebrates what Jesus achieved for us while he was on earth- our salvation. How he did that varies depending on your denomination or faith group.

Many churches have Easter services on Saturday or Sunday to celebrate Easter, but some have theirs on different days depending on what day Easter falls on each year.

Easter is about new life

what can i say about easter

Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This happened after his death, and many believe he was resurrected three days after he died.

Many also believe that Jesus was not physically resurrected, but that his teachings were resurrected by his disciples who went on to spread his word and start the Church.

Regardless of your faith, Easter is a time to reflect on new life. Whether that be new life inside you via pregnancy or someone else telling you they have given you new life in the form of a child, or just a renewed sense of self and happiness, Easter is about celebrating this new life.

Many people celebrate Easter with an egg hunt, which ties into the theme of new life.

Trusting in Jesus

what can i say about easter

Jesus is the central figure of Easter. You can’t talk about Easter without mentioning Jesus. Since Jesus is the one who resurrected, it is very important to believe in him.

Jesus died for our sins and was resurrected so we could be with him in heaven. By believing in him, you are accepting that he died for you and he is the way to heaven.

He was an important prophet of God, but he was more than that. He was the Son of God who came to earth 2,000 years ago to save us from our sins by dying on the cross and then being resurrected three days later.

But you have to accept him as your Savior and trust in what he did on the cross for you. Only then will you be saved from your sins and go to heaven when you die. Easter is all about Jesus so if you don’t believe in him, it might be hard to celebrate Easter.

Remembering the sacrifice of Jesus

what can i say about easter

Easter is a time to remember the death and resurrection of Jesus. The story of Jesus dying for our sins on the cross and being resurrected three days later is the ultimate example of love.

Jesus died so that we could be forgiven for our sins. Sin is anything that goes against God’s will. God wants us to be faithful to him, but we often don’t.

He wants us to love and respect him, but often we don’t. This is why he sent Jesus to die on the cross- because he loves us so much and wants us to be saved from going to hell after we die.

The Easter Bunny is an icon associated with Easter. Many people give out chocolate bunnies or eggs as gifts or hunt for them. Some places have events where people go hunting for these bunnies or eggs, which are usually filled with candy.

Easter eggs represent new life

what can i say about easter

Along with Passover, Easter is one of the most celebrated times of the year. Along with Christmas, these are referred to as major holidays.

Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus. As mentioned before, Passover is the remembrance of when God freed the Israelites from Egypt.

This was done by killing a lamb and using its blood to mark their doorposts. This protected them from death as God sent 10 plagues to kill all of the Egyptians and their livestock but those with the blood on their doorposts were protected.

The connection between these two holidays is that Jesus died for our sins like lambs were sacrificed for God to forgive us of our sins. By him dying, we are forgiven and have new life!

Easter eggs symbolize new life as well.

Eating rich foods represent the richness of Christ’s sacrifice

what can i say about easter

Easter is the time of year when many people enjoy eating rich, decadent foods. Most eaters stick to chocolate eggs and rabbits, but the savvy Easter eater knows there are even more foods to enjoy!

Easter is the time of year when people go all out with the marshmallow peeps, buttery Cadbury Creme Eggs, and carrot shaped sugar cookies. It is a fun holiday to celebrate with your friends and family as you eat your way through the goodies.

For those who are gluten-free or paleo, it can be a little tricky. Luckily there are lots of recipes for vegan treats so you can still enjoy everything that others are.

Colors of the rainbow represent new life

what can i say about easter

Easter is a time when Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The story of Jesus’s death and subsequent resurrection is told every year at this time, as well as on Christmas.

But why does Easter fall when it does? Why is the celebration in the spring, and why are eggs such a prominent part of the festivities?

Easter falls around March or April, which coincides with springtime. Many plants and animals begin to rejuvenate themselves at this time, so it’s only fitting that Easter celebrates new life in that way too.

While chocolate bunnies and eggs are popular gifts given at Easter, they have deeper symbolic meanings as well. Chocolate is a symbol of sweetness and love, so giving it out represents those qualities.

Bunnies are very cute and fluffy animals, so giving one away represents being soft or gentle.

Shopping for spring dresses and suits represent new life

what can i say about easter

Easter is the time of year when people celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. Many people go to church and services to learn about and celebrate this event.

There are many colors that represent Easter. The most popular colors are pastel colors such as pink, yellow, and green. These colors represent new life, new beginnings, and the Risen Christ.

People often shop for spring dresses and suits during Easter because it is a time of new life and renewal. Pastel colors are very in style at this time, so many people buy them as Easter gifts or to wear themselves.

Easter is a great time to give gifts if you are not religious.

Going to an egg hunt represents the search for truth

what can i say about easter

In the context of Easter, the egg hunt symbolizes the search for truth. In this case, the truth is Jesus’ resurrection.

Since the earliest days of Christianity, believers have celebrated Jesus’ resurrection on Easter Sunday. For many centuries, Easter celebrations didn’t involve eggs at all—they featured lamb symbols instead.

But over time, eggs became a prominent feature of Easter celebrations. Why? Because they symbolize new life—just like Jesus gave humanity new life through his death and resurrection.

Some churches hold services on Holy Saturday night to emphasize that point: That Jesus died so we could have a new life in him. An egg hunt on Easter morning emphasizes new life in general—for you and for you to find your own truth about it.

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