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What Do You Write In An Easter Card

Easter is the name given to the holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is celebrated every year following Sunday April 1st until late March or early April.

Easter cards are a fun way to let someone know you are thinking of them. They are also a nice reminder that Jesus rose from the dead!

Holiday cards are usually sold near Christmas, so it is not too early to start looking for cute Easter cards. They can be found at drug stores like CVS and Walgreens, as well as online retailers like Amazon and Etsy.

Like with Christmas cards, it is polite to write something specific in your Easter card. Most people appreciate an Easter card, even if they are not religious.


what do you write in an easter card

Easter is a great time to connect with friends and family through cards. Most people receive Easter cards every year, and it is fun to see how many different types of cards there are and how people express their faith through them.

There are chocolate egg cards, cute card decks, pastel-colored cards, and even prayer card Easter baskets. The possibilities are endless!

Some people include very brief messages about Jesus or the Easter story on their cards, which is a nice way to share your faith. Others have more elaborate writings that describe their belief in Jesus as the Son of God and his death and resurrection as the atonement for our sins.

If you are not very religious, you can still get an Easter card for someone else or get someone an Easter basket! Or you can make your own card that does not mention religion at all if you would prefer that.

Chocolate eggs

what do you write in an easter card

Chocolate eggs are a must-have for Easter. Most people would be disappointed to find an empty box instead of filled with chocolate Easter eggs.

Many supermarkets and stores sell kits to make your own chocolate eggs. These are fun to do with kids or as a family activity. Even if you do not know how to do it, there are easy instructions to follow.

There are two main types of chocolate eggs: hollowed out white chocolate eggs and solid milk chocolate eggs. Some companies make both of these, but you can also buy them separately.

Whether you get solid or hollowed out chocolate eggs depends on your preference and if you want to hide surprises inside! Surprise filled egg hunts are fun for the whole family.

Bunny pictures

what do you write in an easter card

Having a picture of the Easter bunny or a picture of a rabbit is a great way to include a cute image in your card. Many department stores and supermarkets have free print-at-home bunny pictures you can use as well.

Many people enjoy receiving the cards that have pictures of the eggs on them. It is an easy way to incorporate something Easter-themed into the card.

Some people receive Easter cards until early May due to family members being out of town or traveling abroad. It is nice to still receive some sort of acknowledgment for your hard work during Easter, so spread the love and send some out!

If you do not feel comfortable taking or using pictures, then using some internet images is perfectly fine. There are many websites that have free images you can use for your card.

Happy Easter message

what do you write in an easter card

A common Easter message people write in Easter cards is “Happy Easter.” This is a nice, short way to say you appreciate their support for Jesus and his resurrection.

Many people believe that Easter is about the chocolate and pastries, not Jesus. Since Easter cards are printed with religious images, it is a nice gesture to include a Happy Easter message.

Easter is one of the few times it is okay to send a card that does not include your name on it. This way, people can keep it until later to find out who sent it!

If someone gave you their time and attention at church, then you have done your part and deserve a Happy Easter message in return.

Blessings of love and peace

what do you write in an easter card

While Easter is not a religious holiday in the way Christmas or Thanksgiving is, it is still a time to celebrate. Many people view Easter as the start of spring and the renewal of flowers, grass, trees, and life.

The Easter celebration also includes the celebration of Jesus’s resurrection. Many people receive Easter cards that have images or sayings about Jesus’s resurrection.

People generally enjoy receiving Easter cards as much as they like giving them. It is fun to find cute cards that fit the spring theme and give them to family and friends that you love!

You can definitely give someone an Easter card even if they are not religious.

Christ is risen message

what do you write in an easter card

The most common Easter greeting is “Christ is risen.” People write this message in cards, on social media, and in person to let others know that Easter has arrived.

Many people decorate eggs for Easter, which is a symbol of Jesus’ resurrection. You can either write “Christ is risen” on the egg or decorate it with pastel colors like he did for the symbolism.

You can also write this message on a chocolate egg as a reminder of the sacrifice Jesus made for us by dying and then coming back to life. Give these to your family and friends to celebrate!
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Resurrection message

what do you write in an easter card

The resurrection message is the most important message of Christianity. Jesus died for our sins, was buried, and then physically rose from the dead after three days.

This is the basis for believing in Jesus as the Son of God and his status as our Savior. If he had not risen from the dead, then we would have no certainty of salvation.

Resurrection cards can include pictures of the crucifixion or ascension, or even pictures of flowers springing up after winter. Some people even make their own cards depicting Jesus’ resurrection.

If you are not religious but know someone who is, a card with a nice message and no religious affiliation is a nice way to still celebrate Easter.

Happy Spring message

what do you write in an easter card

A common Easter greeting is a happy spring message. This can be used for either an adult or child recipient. For children, you can mention the Easter Bunny bringing them gifts and how beautiful the spring season is.

For adults, you can mention how the season changes and how that brings change to people’s lives. You can also mention the spring cleaning many people do at this time of year and how that helps them feel refreshed.

Many people opt for simply writing Happy Easter on the card instead of a longer message. This is perfectly acceptable! It is usually enough to let the recipient know that you are thinking of them.

If you are not very creative or do not have much time, there is no need to stress about it.

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