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What Easter Candy Am I

Easter is one of the most celebrated holidays around the world. It is the time when we remember the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, or Jesus of Nazareth.

Although Easter is a religious holiday, it is widely known as the time to eat chocolate! Most people spend their time hunting down the best chocolate they can find to fill their baskets and hunt for Easter eggs.

You will always find candy in colors of the rainbow mixed with pastel colors like pink, purple, and green. Candy like marshmallow bunnies and jelly beans are always included in Easter baskets and hunts.

This article will tell you what kind of candy you are based on your personality.


what easter candy am i

A beloved Easter candy, peeps are a fun representation of the little bird residents of Earth. Fun!

Peeps are typically made out of marshmallow and sugar. Sometimes they add chicken feathers to their production, but that is not recommended as a flavor addition.

Many people enjoy eating peeps just as they are. If you’re lucky, you can even find hidden golden peep inside the fluffy marshmallow chick.

Some people roast their peeps like marshmallows and eat them that way. This is not recommended unless you want a very sweet, burnt mess on your table.

Marshmallow chicks

what easter candy am i

We have to mention marshmallow chicks! These cute little chicks made of fluffy marshmallows are a must for any Easter basket.

If you are vegan or have vegans in your family, it can be hard to find Easter candy because of the gelatin used to make the eggs. Luckily, there are vegan versions of the plastic egg that the chick comes in!

There are so many different kinds of chocolate out there that it is hard to not get some when shopping. Chocolate is a nice way to reward yourself after a long holiday weekend and eating it while celebrating Easter is appropriate.

Any kind of chocolate bar, milk, white, or dark all work! If you are looking for something special though, try hunting down some limited edition ones. Companies release these around holidays to promote them and generate more sales.

Any kind of bunny will do! Male or female bunnies make great pets so if you do not want one for yourself, give it a good home.

Chocolate eggs

what easter candy am i

Easter is all about the chocolate! Whether it be the eggs that are hidden and found, the filled eggs, or the candy bars that are made, chocolate is the main staple of Easter.

Unfortunately, as Easter approaches, the supply of chocolate appears to dwindle. People are hungry for it! It is a popular food to binge on while you are feeling Springtime inspired.

Just like any other kind of chocolate, Easter candy comes in a variety of flavors and shapes.

Jelly beans

what easter candy am i

Jelly beans are a classic Easter candy. They are one of the most common chocolate candies you will find in Easter baskets and at Easter events.

They are known for their many colors and flavors. Some jelly beans even have flavors other than chocolate, like vanilla or coconut!

Jelly beans can be described as soft and sticky. This is due to the sugar jelly center that takes a while to set. Once it does, the candy is soft and crumbles easily.

If you have met someone who does not like jelly beans, then they are probably not a fan of sweets very much. Most people enjoy jelly beans because of the many flavors and the novelty of them being shaped like berries!

If you want to win someone over who does not like jelly beans, try giving them some other kinds of candy.

Sour apple rings

what easter candy am i

Sour apple rings are a classic candy that will never go out of style. Many people love these because they are not too sweet, and they have a fun texture to them.

Sour apple rings are typically made of sugar syrup, gelatin, and sour apple flavor. Sometimes dye is used to give the candy an orange color.

Unfortunately, many sour apple rings are made with non-vegan ingredients due to the gelatin used to set the candy.

Mini cookies

what easter candy am i

Easter is the time of year when people binge on chocolate! Whether it be eggs, baskets, or rabbits, chocolate is the main attraction this season.

Aside from chocolate, Easter is also known for its candy. Many kids and adults look forward to that special Easter candy that comes out for only a short period of time.

Depending on your favorite candies, you could be either one! We will tell you how to be your favorite Easter candy in this article so you can show off your sweet personality this Easter.

Starting off with the classic: chocolate! Chocolate bar? You’re a Cadbury Cream Egg! Tray pack? You’re a Galaxy Egg! Single bar? You’re a Whippet! You’re pretty unique, and everyone loves you because of your rich flavor.

If you are any type of jelly bean, then you are a Trolli Bean! No other bean can claim to be as colorful and fun as you are.You make every bag of candy interesting and fun.

Chocolate rabbits

what easter candy am i

Easter is the time of year when people get lots of chocolate. Whether it be eggs, rabbits, or candy, chocolate is always a popular choice.

People also love to receive chocolate as a gift. Since Easter is around the same time as Spring Break and Easter Sunday, it is common to receive candy then.

Although you can enjoy any type of chocolate anytime, it is especially enjoyable during Easter!

There are so many different kinds of chocolate that it can be hard to choose a favorite. Some people have decided to name their favorite chocolate in order to show its importance.

Unfortunately, some people are allergic to eggs and therefore cannot enjoy the delicious Cadbury Cream Eggs that are so widely given out during Easter.

Caramel apples

what easter candy am i

Caramel apples are a classic Easter treat. Just like chocolate bunnies are the signature candy for Easter, the caramel apple is the signature candy for Easter baskets.

Caramel apples can be made with either soft or hard caramel. If you prefer harder caramels, then you will like the harder caramel apple. If you prefer softer caramels, then you will like the soft caramel apple!

To make a soft caramel apple, use brown sugar instead of granulated sugar and butter instead of margarine. To make a hard caramel apple, use granulated sugar and margarine instead of butter. Both are delicious!

You can add nuts or coconut to your caramels to make an even more interesting flavor. Try adding some vanilla extract to your caramel for a little bit of a salty-sweet flavor!

If you are not a fan of sweets, try giving your non-sweet friends mandarins or tangerines as an alternative gift.

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