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What Easter Is All About

Easter is one of the most celebrated holidays around the world. It marks the resurrection of Jesus after his death. This was proven when he appeared to his disciples and proved himself by healing them and disappearing into a locked room.

Many people believe Jesus was a revolutionary figure who taught about compassion and love, but that he wasn’t God and didn’t claim to be God. Others believe he was a false prophet or that he was indeed God.

Regardless of what you believe about him, Easter is all about his death, resurrection, and the gift of salvation he gave us.

Many people go to church services on Easter Sunday to listen to sermons about Jesus’s death, resurrection, and how we can receive salvation through him. Some go just to listen to music and enjoy the atmosphere. Others just want to socialize with their friends and family who attend.

Easter is about new life

what easter is all about

Easter is the celebration of Jesus’s death and resurrection. Jesus died for our sins so we could have new life with him.

Resurrected means he came back to life, so Easter is the day we know for sure that he was resurrected. Since this is such an important part of the Easter story, many churches have celebrations featuring egg decorating and chocolate candy giveaways to commemorate this wonderful event.

Many people dress in bright colors at church to show that new life is happening. Hence, the pastel colored dresses and suits you may see at church on Easter!

Easter isn’t just for Christians, though. Many non-Christians enjoy celebrating Easter as well because of the theme of new life.

Easter is about forgiveness

what easter is all about

Easter is a time to reflect on the death of Jesus and his resurrection. The story of Jesus’s death and resurrection is told every year at Passover and Easter.

Passover recalls the story of the Israelites’ escape from slavery in Egypt, led by Moses. According to the Old Testament, God punished the Egyptians with 10 plagues, the last being the Death of the Firstborn.

God helped the Israelites escape Egypt by crossing through the Red Sea on dry land. For their freedom, God asked them to sacrifice an animal and cover it with blood. This was to show that they had escaped enslavement and had been redeemed by God.

Since Jesus was crucified during Passover, Easter falls during this time every year. Many people celebrate both holidays together, including going to church or synagogue services and eating similar foods.

Forgiveness is a key part of both holidays, as well as recognizing how much God has done for us.

Easter is about love

what easter is all about

Jesus died for us, for our sins. He died for you and me, for every person in the world, and for those who believe but have not yet met him.

He did this so we could have a relationship with him. We can talk to him, sit with him, walk with him, and he can be our friend and protector.

Jesus came back to life three days after he died, proving that he was the Son of God and that his death was an incredible sacrifice. By dying he paid the price for our sins so we could be forgiven and have eternal life with him in heaven.

Easter is a time to remember this great love Jesus had for us. It’s about reflecting on what he did and what it means in our lives.

Easter is about springtime

what easter is all about

In the Western world, Easter is largely considered a Christian holiday. However, it’s also widely regarded as a celebration of springtime.

Easter falls shortly after the first signs of spring emerge. Specifically, Easter falls after Passover, which commemorates the Jewish liberation from Egypt.

Since Passover occurs in early to mid-March, Easter is typically scheduled for early to mid-April each year. This timing coincides with the arrival of spring in the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

Like many religious holidays, there are different stories and interpretations of what Easter is about. The most popular narrative describes the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. He is believed to have been crucified on a cross around Passover several thousand years ago.

His death was said to have freed humans from their sins, allowing them to enter into heaven when they died. This holiday is traditionally celebrated with an Easter egg hunt and baked goods like pies and cakes.

Easter eggs symbolize new life

what easter is all about

In ancient times, eggs were used to symbolize new life. Pagans believed that the egg represented new life, rebirth, and the connection between earth and spring.

Eggs were also used in the celebration of spring, called Ostara. During this time, Easter eggs became a symbol of fertility. By giving someone an egg, you were hoping they would become fertile.

Since Christianity believes Jesus was born to a virgin woman, Easter eggs became a way to celebrate this and give away eggs as gift. Giving away chocolate Easter eggs is a way to still celebrate this holiday with fertility in mind.

While Easter isn’t solely about giving away chocolate Easter eggs, they have become quite the popular gift during this time of year.

The bunny represents the coming of springtime

what easter is all about

As the winter season comes to a close, Easter marks the beginning of spring. Just as Christmas is linked to the birth of Jesus, Easter is linked to the coming of new life.

Just as Jesus was said to have resurrected after his death, so does springtime bring new life after winter’s dormancy. Wildlife and plants emerge and grow stronger with each passing day, just like Jesus was said to have risen from the dead.

Easter celebrations include egg decorating, feasting on lamb or chicken dishes, and of course, gifting of chocolate rabbits and eggs. All of these symbols have been connected to springtime in some way or another.

Since ancient times, people have associated rabbits with fertility and springtime. In ancient Greek mythology, Aphrodite — the goddess of love and beauty — had a son named Eros who was sometimes depicted as a rabbit.

Chocolate eggs represent the coming of springtime

what easter is all about

Easter is all about Jesus’s resurrection. The Easter bunny is not related to this religious holiday, but has become a popular part of the festivities.

Easter dates back to Ancient Egypt, where the goddess Isis was worshipped. She was believed to have resurrected her dead husband Osiris, and in doing so, she brought about new life and spring.

Isis was also said to have brought golden eggs from heaven, symbolic of new life and springtime renewal. This is why chocolate eggs are such a big part of Easter today!

By linking Easter with the arrival of springtime, people can enjoy both holidays even more. Spring brings new life and beauty to the world just as Jesus’s resurrection did. It also brings warm weather, which is appropriate for Easter since it is a holiday celebrating new life.

Whether you celebrate Easter or not, there are some fun things to do on March 25th.

Decorating for Easter starts with Christmas decorations

what easter is all about

While this may seem a little early, Easter decorating starts with Christmas decor. If you have the space, stocking displays or basket displays make great easter decorations.

If you already have Christmas decorations up, then use those to start your Easter decor! Bunnies and Easter eggs are the main symbols used for both holidays.

You can also use winter motifs like snowmen or winter trees to add some Easter into your Christmas decorations. Mix and match to get some fun looks!

While it is not necessary to take down all of your Christmas decorations immediately after Easter, it is a good idea to start clearing out the longer winter themes by May.

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