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What Easter Is Really About

Easter is the celebration of Jesus Christ’s resurrection. It is widely believed that Jesus was resurrected three days after his death, and that his resurrection was the proof that he was the Son of God and that his death was a sacrifice for our sins.

It is also widely believed that Easter is named after the goddess Ishtar, whose fertility cult involved the resurrection of her lover/husband every year. Some even go so far as to say that Easter is named after Eastre, the Germanic goddess of spring.

However, these theories are unfounded. While it is true that many ancient gods had stories of rebirth and resurrection, there is no evidence connecting Ishtar or Eastre with Easter. The true origin of the word Easter comes from Old English: “Ēaster-monath” (Ēaster being an early English name for Jesus).

Yet even though we call it “Easter” rather than “Passover,” there are some similarities between these two holidays. Both celebrate events related to Jewish history and both have religious connotations.

He is Risen!

what easter is really about

Easter is the most important day in the Christian faith. It marks the day Jesus rose from the dead after being crucified. His death was part of his mission to save humanity.

This event is known as the Resurrection and is one of the main reasons many Christians believe that Jesus was who he said he was-the Son of God and the Messiah.

His death was a sacrifice that saved us from our sins. By believing in him and his resurrection, we are granted forgiveness and a place in heaven when we die.

The Easter celebration includes decorating eggs, going to church services, and having a big meal together. Families may also visit gravesites to commemorate those who have passed on.

Jesus died for our sins

what easter is really about

Easter is all about Jesus dying for us. He gave his life so that we could have ours back. Jesus died a horrible death on a cross thousands of years ago, and that is how his life ended.

But this was not the end of his story! Three days after he died, he came back to life. He was able to do this because he is God and he controls everything.

His death on the cross paid for our sins. Sins are things we do that upset God, like lying or being mean to people. When we accept that Jesus died for us, then we can be forgiven and go to heaven when we die.

God doesn’t want us to be sad or feel guilty, but he does want us to forgive each other so that we can have peace in our hearts. Easter is a reminder of all of this – Jesus dying for us, us forgiving each other, and us having peace in our hearts.

His death paved the way to heaven

Although Jesus was supposed to be the Jewish Messiah, or God’s intended leader for mankind, his death did not earn anyone salvation.

Only his life, represented by his teachings and the example he set, had any effect on people. His death only proved him to be truly human, as he suffered and died like any other person would.

By dying a humiliating death on the cross, he paid the penalty for our sins. By believing in him as the Son of God and in his resurrection from the dead, we can have eternal life with him in heaven.

His death was an extremely important part of Easter, although it is sometimes overlooked because of all the other things that happened at that time. Easter is all about Jesus rising from the dead, which proves that he was who he said he was: God himself coming down to earth.

After He died

what easter is really about

Easter is the day that Jesus rose from the dead. It is the day that He proved His love for us by sacrificing His life on the cross.

He did this so that we could have a relationship with Him and be forgiven of our sins. By putting our faith in Him, He offers us a new life.

By dying on the cross, Jesus destroyed death itself! What an incredible truth to comprehend!

Although Easter is a time when many celebrate His resurrection, it is also a time to reflect on His death. How deeply does He love us? How deeply should we love each other? These are questions we should be asking ourselves during this season.

Many cultures celebrate spring traditions during Easter.

His resurrection proves his love for us

what easter is really about

The most important part of Easter is that Jesus died for us, was buried, and then rose from the dead. His resurrection proves his love for us and our salvation.

Because Jesus died a human death, we don’t have to be afraid of death. Because he was resurrected, we will also be resurrected when we die.

But Easter isn’t just about Jesus rising from the dead. It’s also about him entering into the darkness of death and emerging with new life.

He defeated death itself, which is why Easter is sometimes called Resurrection Sunday. This isn’t a coincidence – it’s symbolic of what happened to Jesus. He came back to life! He emerged from the tomb alive.

It confirms that his teachings were true

what easter is really about

Easter is a celebration that confirms Jesus’s death was for our sins. It also confirms that his teachings were true, and that he was the Son of God.

Many people believe that Jesus died for our sins, but few understand what that means. We are all guilty of sin, which is breaking God’s law (Romans 3:23).

Since God is perfect, he cannot tolerate anything less than perfection. When we do things that are not perfect, or wrong, it makes him angry. This is why he sent Jesus to die — because only through his death could we be made perfectly pure.

When we believe in Jesus and place our faith in him, his blood covers our sins. This does not mean his blood literally washes us clean; it means that his death pays for our sins (1 Peter 1:18–19).

His resurrection proves that life comes from God

what easter is really about

Easter is all about Jesus’s resurrection. His death is what proved that he was the Son of God, and his resurrection proves that life comes from God.

Jesus died a horrible death, but three days later he appeared to his followers alive. This is a very important fact about Christianity: that Jesus died for our sins, but that he rose again, proving his divine nature and giving us hope for our own deaths.

His followers saw him after he died, which must have been very convincing considering they had already seen him perform many miracles. They were absolutely convinced that he was alive!

But even if you don’t believe in Jesus or haven’t studied his life in detail, Easter reminds us of an important truth: there is hope for new life, both through the Easter season and in our own lives.

The Easter Bunny isn’t real

what easter is really about

While the Easter Bunny may be a symbol of Easter, he’s not a real person. In fact, the Easter Bunny isn’t even a person.

The Easter Bunny is actually an imaginary creature that has been linked to Easter for many years. He has been said to deliver chocolate and eggs while hiding his face with a carrot.

Many believe that this creature was created due to the link between rabbits and eggs. Since breeding and raising rabbits is a business, people would give them as gifts at the time of the year when Easter occurs.

Additionally, since eggs are a symbol of new life at this time of year, they are said to have become part of the bunny’s haul. The creatures have also been said to have colored fur like some rabbits do, which may have contributed to their association with the holiday.

While there is no concrete proof that proves that the Easter Bunny is real, he is still an important part of this holiday. Many still enjoy receiving chocolate and/or other goodies from him as well as hunting for him.

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