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What Easter Mean To Me

Easter is a Christian holiday that marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is celebrated on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the spring equinox. This date can shift due to differences in calendars and calculations.

It is said that Jesus died for our sins, which means he took our place to pay for what we have done wrong. By believing in him and his death, you are forgiven of your sins.

Many have different interpretations of what Easter means, but most agree that it is a time of renewal and rebirth. Just as Jesus was resurrected, so too shall we rise from our sinful ways and be renewed as better people.

For some, Easter marks the end of Lent, a period of fasting and abstinence from specific foods and behaviors. For others, it has no direct significance except as a commemoration of Easter.

I learned about Easter when I was learning about Christianity as a whole. I learned about what it meant to people and what it commemorated, but I did not feel its significance until I experienced my own personal tragedy.

Easter brings hope

what easter mean to me

Easter is the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection. It is the day when Jesus died for our sins, and then came back to life. He promised to be with us always, even until the end of time!

He was brutally murdered on a cross, and that was what ended his life. But thanks to his incredible power, he brought him back to life!

This is a powerful message that Easter brings- hope. Hope that we can all be forgiven for our sins, and hope that he will come back again.

But most importantly, Easter brings hope that we can see him again- he promised to return once everything was finished. And although we don’t know when that will be, we have hope that it will happen!

I believe that Easter means a lot more than just the fact that Jesus rose from the dead. It shows us his true character, and how much he loves us.

Remembering the sacrifice of Jesus

what easter mean to me

The most important lesson we can all take away from Easter is the reminder that Jesus died for us. He died so that we could have a relationship with him, with God, and also so that we could have eternal life.

Jesus was tortured and killed by Roman soldiers approximately 2,000 years ago. His death was planned and orchestrated by Judas, one of his close followers.

Judas gave the Roman soldiers a signal to come and get Jesus so that they could arrest him. He did this for money, as he felt like he owed him something. It was not an act of betrayal, but rather one of reciprocation for what Jesus had done for him.

The story goes that Judas dropped the money in the temple before leaving to meet with Jesus, which is why he returned empty-handed. The priests then used the money to buy sheep to sacrifice in the temple.

Colors of Easter

what easter mean to me

Another interesting thing about Easter is the wide variety of colors it comes in. Easter eggs are painted in a wide range of colors, from natural pastel to bright and vibrant.

Eggs themselves are a symbol of new life, so it makes sense that they would be painted in new colors to represent this. Pastel eggs look like the grass and new life, while bright eggs look like the sun, which is also a symbol of new life.

Many people pick their favorite color egg and seek them out to get one. Gathering all the eggs is a fun task, and then separating the good ones from the bad ones can be a fun game.

Bunny or no bunny?

what easter mean to me

For many people, Easter is about celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. For others, it’s about welcoming spring and showing kids the wonders of the world – specifically, the world of easter eggs and bunnies.

However you choose to celebrate Easter, it is important to show love and respect for all beliefs. While Easter is not a religious holiday for some people, it can be for others.

If someone you know does not believe in Jesus but would like to celebrate Easter, then show them the ways they can enjoy the festivities! Give them some chocolate eggs and invite them to go hunting for easter eggs with you.

Let them pick out their own bunny if they would like one and help them decorate it if needed. Give them spring flowers or other gifts to show that Easter is not only about Jesus but also about love and nature.

Eating chocolate and other sweets

what easter mean to me

One of the main reasons for Easter is to celebrate with food. There are many jokes about how much chocolate people are supposed to eat during Easter.

People are told to eat all the chocolate they want, because it is limited edition and there will not be more until next year!

Unfortunately, this joke is not true. Chocolate is always available, and you should definitely not eat all of it you want- you will get too fat!

However, there are some ways to enjoy Easter chocolate without getting too much of it. One way is to try different types of chocolate- some have different flavors or textures that make them more interesting.

Another way is to have a set amount of chocolate and only pick those pieces out of the pile- don’t take any extra ones! And finally, spread out the eating time- have some on Tuesday, some on Thursday, some on Saturday, etc.

Shopping for dresses for church

what easter mean to me

For me, Easter meant spending the day with my family at church, followed by a delicious lunch. We would always do Easter shopping together, finding the perfect chocolate bunnies and painted eggs to celebrate.

We would also go dress shopping for the girls for the upcoming Spring Fling Dance. The girls would look forward to this all year!

The spring season is such a beautiful time of year. The flowers are blossoming, the birds are singing, and everything smells fresh and clean. What a wonderful backdrop for this holiday!

I hope you enjoyed this insight into my personal Easter traditions. You could do some spring decorating of your own house, or maybe try out some new recipes for next year’s Easter dinner.

Celebrating with family

what easter mean to me

Another important part of Easter is spending time with family. For many people, this means gathering together for an Easter meal.

Many people prepare Easter meals that include lamb or chicken dishes, since these are symbols of the resurrection. Others simply prepare their favorite dishes to share with loved ones.

During the meal, it is important to talk and enjoy each other’s company. Some even set a table for Jesus and include him in the conversation.

After the meal, some gather to eat eggs, while others do not. Some believe that eating eggs at Easter signifies the new life we receive from Jesus Christ.

Regardless of your religious beliefs or whether you choose to participate in the eating of eggs after the meal, it is important to celebrate family at this time of year. Family is a strong support system that means a lot to us, so taking time out to celebrate with them is very important.

Taking family photos

what easter mean to me

Easter is the perfect time to take some nice family photos. Whether you do them professionally or yourself, it is always a fun time to dress up your family and take pictures of them.

There are many ways to capture Easter photos and style your family for them. You can do traditional white Easter bunny photos, egg hunt photos, garden photos, or even house interior shots if you have a nice one.

Some people even create their own costumes for them, like creating golden glittery angel wings or dyeing eggs different colors. The possibilities are endless!

If you decide to go professional for your Easter photo shoot, then make sure to talk with them about what kind of shots you want and what kind of theme you want for the pictures. They will be more than happy to help you with that.

Take your time taking these pictures as well, try to capture natural smiles and laughs from the family members.

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