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What If Easter Didn’t Exist

Easter is arguably the most celebrated holiday around the world. Many people look forward to celebrating Easter, whether it be by spending time with family or hunting for Easter eggs.

People love Easter because it represents new life. The Easter bunny symbolizes new life as eggs represent new life in the form of a chicken or duck.

The most popular way to celebrate Easter is obviously by hunting for colorful chocolate eggs that the Easter bunny leaves behind. People also enjoy eating breakfast foods such as pancakes or french toast along with the chocolate eggs.

However, what if Easter didn’t exist? Well, we’re going to tell you and possibly ruin your holiday spirit in the process! Ha ha. Just kidding! We’re going to tell you how to celebrate holidays that do not involve Easter.

These holidays are called “paschals” and they all have common themes such as springtime and renewal.

No resurrection

what if easter didn't exist

While Jesus was alive and walking the earth, his main mission was to show that he was the Son of God. He did this by performing many miracles, most famously the resurrection of Lazarus.

By having Lazarus come back to life, Jesus showed that he had power over life and death. By having Lazarus appear before crowds of people, he also proved his anonymity. No one knew that it was actually Lazarus in the grave, and he confirmed Jesus’ power by saying so.

Since Easter is directly tied to the resurrection of Christ, Easter would not exist without this monumental event. Many religions have some sort of revival or rebirth celebration, but none tie it to a specific person.

For instance, Shiva is a Hindu deity whose birthday is celebrated on March 7. This is not considered a holiday by Hindus and does not mark any significant events in Shiva’s life; it’s just an occasion to party.

No faith

what if easter didn't exist

Easter is a celebration of faith. It is a time to recognize the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. His death was the ultimate sacrifice, giving up his life for us.

Jesus died for our sins so that we could have eternal life. Easter also commemorates the first appearances of Jesus after his death, when he rose from the grave.

The Easter season starts with Lent, which is a period of fasting and abstinence. Many people give up things like sugar, meat, and social media during Lent in order to devote more time to God and to reflect on his sacrifice for us.

All of these symbols and rituals add significance to Easter, making it more than just an egg-hunting expedition. Without all of these components, Easter would not be as significant or powerful a holiday.

Easter takes place at different times each year due to different calendar systems (lunar vs solar). This adds yet another layer of symbolic meaning: that new life can spring up at any time.

Less happy people

what if easter didn't exist

If Easter didn’t exist, people would be less happy. The majority of people would have less of a spring spirit and feel less motivated to do things.

There are many ways people celebrate Easter, but most involve spending time with family or friends and eating delicious food. You hunt for hidden eggs filled with candy and goodies, which is a fun activity for kids and adults.

The Easter Sunday church service is another big part of the holiday. Many people look forward to this because their preacher usually has a good message about resurrection or Jesus returning.

Aside from the religious aspects, Easter is tied to spring so there are lots of seasonal activities people do to celebrate it. People go hiking, start planting seeds, and start using more bright colors like purple and pink due to the significance of the egg color.

Less colorful places

what if easter didn't exist

If Easter didn’t exist, people would have less reason to look forward to spring. There would be less motivation to shop for new clothes and shoes, since Easter tends to coincide with warmer weather.

There would also be less incentive to hunt for Easter eggs. Without the tradition of hunting and hiding colorful eggs, the world might lose its sense of wonder for a few days.

Furthermore, chocolate might be a little less popular. Since people receive chocolate eggs as gifts at Easter, production might drop off during this time of year. The world might be a less sweet place without that temptation!

Basically, Easter is an integral part of the spring season. It brings people out of the hibernation mode and inspires them to get out and do things again. That’s why we’re giving you five good reasons to celebrate it this year.

Less romantic feelings

what if easter didn't exist

The Easter holiday is a time when people feel excited, happy, and romantic. Children get to enjoy the fun of the holiday with the hunt for eggs and candy, and adults get to enjoy the romantic side of Easter.

Many couples go on dates to restaurants or do activities like hikes or house tours as part of the Easter weekend festivities. The romance feels especially strong after spending a few days feeling happy and joyful because of the holiday.

Easter is a time when people feel the most connected. Friends and family get together to chat, eat great food, and spend time together. This adds to the feelings of happiness and joy that spread throughout the community.

Less religious people also have reasons to celebrate Easter due to the fun aspects like hunting for eggs and sharing chocolate treats.

Less decorated homes

what if easter didn't exist

Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ, but has also become a time to celebrate spring and all the beautiful flowers that come with it.

Many people enjoy hunting for Easter eggs and eating all the chocolate they find. Others like to explore Easter yard decorations, from giant bunnies to adorable chick statues.

If Easter didn’t exist, there probably wouldn’t be as many decorated homes or yards filled with adorable decorations. There definitely wouldn’t be as many eggs to find or chocolate to eat!

There are so many holidays that focus on giving gifts and celebrating with food, so even if Easter didn’t exist, you would still have plenty of opportunities to do those things. But we are glad that it does exist, because it gives people reasons to have fun and enjoy springtime festivities.

Less celebration

what if easter didn't exist

While Easter is a great time to gather with your loved ones and enjoy some fun festivities, it’s also a time when there’s more opportunity for sin.

There’s the temptation to over-eat, since there’s often lots of delicious food available. You can also spend too much money on the beautiful decorations, eggs, and goodies, which can become an obsession.

In fact, the hype around Easter can lead to feelings of inferiority and envy – why else would people spend so much money on things they usually don’t?

Furthermore, the fact that Easter is centered around Jesus’ resurrection can lead some to feel like they must “win” the holiday by having fun or feeling happy – a sense of duty or obligation.

While all of these things may seem very minor, they can still have an influence on your spirit and inner self.

We would be sad about our loved ones that died

what if easter didn't exist

It would be very weird not to have an Easter basket filled with chocolate and fun little toys. The Easter bunny would not bring you candy!

Having no Easter would make us think less of Jesus because he didn’t rise from the dead- he would still be dead!

Easter is a time when we celebrate Jesus’s resurrection after he died. He came back to life, and that’s why we have candy and eggs now.

The significance of Easter wouldn’t be as strong if there wasn’t a preceding holiday where Jesus didn’t come back to life. Having no Easter would take away the happiness of having Jesus return to life!

Having no Easter would make people less happy because they wouldn’t get to spend time with family, play with cool toys, or enjoy delicious food and desserts. Less happiness in the world wouldn’t be good.

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