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What Is A Good Easter Greeting

Easter is one of the most celebrated holidays around the world. It is celebrated annually following the Passover meal. Many view Easter as not only a celebration of Jesus’s resurrection, but also his arrival to Earth.

Like many other holidays, Easter has its own greeting. The traditional Easter greeting is “Happy Easter.” This is typically said to everyone you meet or see on Sunday, the day of Easter.

He/she/it is a very common response to the greeting. Many do not realize that this gender-neutral word dates back to Middle English and Old Norse roots.

However, in today’s society, “he” can be a gender-specific pronoun for people who are male. Because of this confusion, many are adopting the more clear and precise “they” as a gender-neutral pronoun.

Consider using “have” instead of “get”

what is a good easter greeting

A popular Easter greeting is to say “Happy Easter,” followed by “have” and then what someone would receive as a reward—typically chocolate!

For example, you could say, “Happy Easter, have a golden egg.” This is a cute way to refer to the reward of Christ’s resurrection—he promised that his followers would receive a reward in the afterlife, which was described as being “gold.”

Another cute way to say this is to simply say, “Happy Easter, have a nice day.” By saying this, you are acknowledging that Easter is about more than just the day itself but also the significance of what happened.

You could also just say “Happy Easter” and leave it at that since the intent is to wish someone a happy holiday.

Write your greeting in the form of a poem

what is a good easter greeting

A popular way to greet people on Easter is to write a greeting in the form of a poem. Poems can be short or long, rhymed or not rhymed, but they must have a set structure.

The most common poem format used for Easter is the sonnet. Sonnets have fourteen lines, each containing a specific number of syllables. The first eight lines must all contain the same number of syllables, and the last six lines must also contain the same number of syllables.

For example, you could write an eight-syllable line, then have seven-syllable lines for the next seven lines, and then have one eleven-syllable line for the last line. This would match the rhythm of the traditional sonnet form.

Keep it short and sweet

what is a good easter greeting

A good Easter greeting is one that is heartfelt, says something about Easter, and is not too long. One to two sentences is ideal.

Many people go with the classic “Happy Easter” or “Easter Blessings.” These are fine! If you are not religious, then you can still use these greetings.

Some people choose to use the word “resurrection” in their greeting as it is a big part of the holiday. Others choose to say something about eggs or rabbits as these are symbols of the holiday.

If you are feeling extra festive, try adding a little rhyme into your greeting. It does not have to be perfect rhyme, but almost-rhymes are okay too! Rhyming pairs like “east” and “rest” sound nice together.

Thank your friends for their friendship

what is a good easter greeting

After Easter, many people send Easter cards to let their friends know they are appreciated. You can also send them at other times of the year to show your friendship is lasting.

Easter is the time of year when people typically exchange decorated eggs, candy, and messages of peace and hope. You can choose to do this or not!

Cards are a great way to show someone you care about them. There are many different kinds of cards you can give someone- some even come with free candy inside!

If you receive an unexpected card, then thank the person for the card and express how much you appreciate the sentiment. Receiving a card is a nice gesture, even if it isn’t at Easter!

If you have received cards from friends in the past, consider giving them one last card for Easter this year to show your gratitude.

Wish them happiness

A happy Easter is the norm, so anyone receiving your Easter greeting will know you mean well. However, this phrase can be said at any time of the year, so it’s not very meaningful.

Easter is not about candy or the Easter Bunny, but about Jesus rising from the dead. So, a spiritually happy Easter is what people want most!

You can also mention that you hope they have a blessed Easter if you do not know their religious beliefs. This refers to having a positive experience with God, and anyone can have this regardless of their religion.

If someone does not believe in God or Jesus, then saying “Happy Easter” or “Blessed Easter” will not offend them.

Share your joy with others

what is a good easter greeting

A great Easter greeting is to tell someone that you love them, you’re proud of them, and that you’re grateful for them. Whether it’s your children, your spouse, your friends, or your parents, let them know how much they mean to you.

People are very focused on themselves right now, so a meaningful Easter greeting is very refreshing. It makes people feel good and valued which is what Easter is all about!

Held each year in early spring, the Christian holiday of Easter revolves around the story of Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection. As such, traditional Easter greetings typically mention the risen Lord.

You can say “Happy Resurrection Day” or “Happy Easter” to someone, or you can say something personal like “I hope you have a wonderful day. I love you.

Say something spiritual

what is a good easter greeting

Easter is all about Jesus dying for our sins and rising again, so mentioning that is a nice touch.

Other ideas include thanking someone for coming to church with you or for helping you develop your faith. You can also wish everyone happy holidays and mention that Easter is one of the holidays you look forward to.

You could also mention something about chocolate, since it is such a big part of Easter!

Easter greetings are not very strict, so anything will do. If you like something specific, then go for it! No one will mind.

If you are not very religious, then just write a simple happy holiday greeting and that will be fine. Someone coming to church may feel special enough just from that.

Use familiar phrases or quotes

what is a good easter greeting

A fun way to start your Easter message is to use a familiar phrase or quote. You can do this by weaving it into your sermon intro or mentioning it in your Easter sermon.

For example, you can start with a quote like “Hard-boiled eggs” or “Happy Easter” and then go into your sermon. Or you can mention the significance of the Easter Sunday messages and how they relate to your congregation.

People will appreciate the playful touch and remember it later. It will also bring a smile to their faces, which is what Easter is all about!

Other ways to use quotes or familiar phrases include weaving in “Jesus Christ” or “He is risen” into your greeting. You could also add some color to your greeting by adding some Christmas flair like “Merry Christmas” or “Happy New Year”.

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