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Who Jesus Sets Free Is Free Indeed

Jesus is the Son of God, and he came to this world to show us what God is like, what God does, and how we can relate to God. Jesus did this by living a perfect life, dying in our place for our sins, and rising from the dead.

When we believe in him and turn from our sins, he makes us a part of his family. We are now his children and he is our Father. This is called salvation. It is defined as being set free from sin and its consequences in both the present and the future.

Jesus calls us to follow him as he leads us into a life of holiness. This means having a changed mindset, thinking and acting differently than we did before we met him. It entails growing in virtue and walking in his ways.

This article will discuss how Jesus sets us free from specific things such as sin, addictions, self-harm, low self-esteem, insecurity, bullying, trauma-induced fear, unhealthy relationships with others or ourselves, judgmentalism (the tendency to judge others), pride (the belief that one is better than others), among other things.

Those who are set free by Jesus are truly liberated

who jesus sets free is free indeed

Jesus sets us free from the power of sin in our lives. In John 8:32, Jesus said, “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

The truth here is Jesus himself. When we believe in him, trust in his work on the cross to pay for our sins, and follow him, he sets us free from our bondage to sin.

He also sets us free from the power that sin has over our lives. For example, when we truly believe in Jesus and what he did on the cross, we no longer suffer under the power of fear or worry. We have confidence in his promises (see Hebrews 2:11–13).

The truth is that only Jesus can set you free from your sins. But do you believe in him? Do you trust him? Do you follow him? These are important questions to ask yourself.

Those who are set free by Jesus are truly redeemed

who jesus sets free is free indeed

In our world, the word “free” is thrown around a lot. We talk about getting free things or being free from something or someone.

But in the gospel, Jesus says we are made free for a purpose: to follow and obey him. To obey him means to live in accordance with his teachings.

To follow him means to trust in him as your Savior and Lord, making him the guiding force in your life. And that’s not easy! It takes constant effort and vigilance.

In his Letter to the Romans, the apostle Paul writes about this very thing: “The law comes into operation when there is transgression, but where there is no transgression, [the law] is not understood [it has no function].” (Romans 4:15) In other words, obeying the law—living according to God’s commands—is necessary for salvation. But for those who don’t know God’s laws or refuse to obey them, salvation comes by believing that Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins and rose from the dead.

Those who are set free by Jesus are truly brought into the family of God

who jesus sets free is free indeed

Jesus calls all of us to be part of his family, to be his disciples. As his followers, we are to love one another and to love our enemies.

We are to forgive those who hurt us and to pray for those who oppress and persecute us. We are to do these things because we have been forgiven much, we have been brought into the family of God through Jesus.

We have been given the grace to forgive and reconcile with one another as brothers and sisters in Christ. We have this grace because Jesus has redeemed us at the cost of his life on the cross.

We may sometimes struggle with these things, but as faithful believers we should seek repentance and re-orient ourselves toward these truths. The truth that we are freed by Jesus is one of the most fundamental ones.

Those who are set free by Jesus experience true peace

who jesus sets free is free indeed

Jesus said that he has come to set the slaves free. But what does he mean by this? How does he do it?

The word slave can refer to a person who is physically enslaved, someone who is emotionally enslaved, or someone who is spiritually enslaved.

In the first sense, Jesus sets slaves free by ending physical captivity. In the second sense, Jesus sets slaves free by ending emotional bondage. In the third sense, Jesus sets slaves free by offering salvation through his death and resurrection.

The most important part of this article is the third use of the word slave: spiritual enslavement. Because Jesus died and rose again, we can now be set free from our spiritual enslavement to sin and its consequences. We can put our faith in him for that freedom.

Those who are set free by Jesus experience true joy

who jesus sets free is free indeed

Jesus promises that those who come to him and follow him will experience true joy. He calls this joy salvation.

Salvation is the most wonderful thing that can happen to a person. It is more than being free from punishment and being granted access into heaven.

When we are saved, we are given the true joy of a relationship with Jesus. We are brought into a close friendship with him, he trusts us and confides in us.

We also become part of his family – he adopts us as his children. And we have the opportunity to know him personally and to walk with him every day. This is the greatest joy that could ever happen to us!

The Bible tells us that Jesus came down from heaven so that we might have this salvation, this joyful relationship with him.

Those who are set free by Jesus experience true forgiveness

who jesus sets free is free indeed

Jesus is the author and finisher of our faith. In other words, he is the one who began it, orchestrated it, and will ultimately complete it. He is the one who said we must have faith to believe in him and his work on the cross.

So, how does faith play into his work of redemption? Faith in Jesus means you trust him to save you and give you what you need in life through his death on the cross and his resurrection.

By faith in Jesus, you receive forgiveness for your sins and eternal life with him. This is no small thing! It is the most important thing in the world, actually.

The trouble starts when people believe they are set free from sin but are not. This can be a hard truth to face, but it must be said. Many people believe they are truly set free by Jesus but are not because they are still in sin.

Those who are set free by Jesus experience true faith

who jesus sets free is free indeed

A faith that works by love is not a mere intellectual acknowledgment of Jesus as the Son of God, but a heart conviction that He has saved us and changes us through His death and resurrection.

This faith works through love because we recognize how much Jesus loves us, so we try to love others in the same way. We do this out of gratitude for what He has done for us.

Gratitude is one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit (Galatians 5:22–23). When the Spirit of God dwells in us, he produces qualities like faith, hope, and love (1 Thessalonians 5:8). One of the ways he does this is by making us grateful for what He does in and through us.

Gratitude was one of the things that distinguished Christians from their pagan neighbors. The early church was known for its extraordinary sense of gratitude.

Those who are set free by Jesus experience true love

who jesus sets free is free indeed

Jesus loves you so much that he gave his life to pay the price for your sins. When you accept his gift of salvation, he forgives your sins and gives you a new life in him.

In his book The Way: The Jesus Bible, author Neil Elliott describes what it’s like to encounter Jesus: “It is as if you are walking through a dark room, and someone has lit a candle. You see only the one small light, but then you step forward and find that the room is filled with candles, all of which were waiting for you to notice them.”

Jesus reveals the deep love that God has for us. We are loved not because we are good but because God is good. We can’t earn his love or merit his forgiveness, but he offers it to us freely.

When we accept this free gift of love, our own hearts begin to beat again; we experience true love.

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